Radical feminism is the only solution to men’s ongoing ‘sexual misconduct’

Radical feminism challenges us to be better than our patriarchal culture asks of us — to reject patriarchy’s glorification of control, conquest, and aggression.

DECEMBER 10, 2017 by


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islandmu 4 weeks 5 days ago

Robert Jensen is a professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and the author of The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men, and Plain Radical: Living, Loving, and Learning to Leave the Planet Gracefully. He can be reached at rjensen@austin.utexas.edu or through his website: robertwjensen.org. To join his email list, visit: thirdcoastactivist.org/jensenupdates-info.html.

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DHBranski 4 weeks 2 days ago

Meaning? Women are just as deeply divided as men today, middle class vs. poor, further split apart by race. Women tend to be the last hired, first fired, in a country that's over 20 years into one hell of a war on the poor. You don't exactly see any of that "progressive solidarity" with those sisters who are pushed out of the job marklet, into deep poverty.

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