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Unfortunately, #Trump is beginning to sound a little like a 20th century dictator.
He does have some good points about “our leaders” as he calls them, about sentencing reform, about helping the poor and about renegotiating US trade deals.
However, I would say that its obvious that he needs more compassion in his compassionate conservatism when it comes to the way he wants to deal with people who by law are considered illegal’s, already here in the US.
He has a point that the borders are loose, and a country is defined by it’s borders. Still, part of this nation was taken by force from Mexico in reality, so more compassion is needed.
Trump should realize that he won’t be the king in DC, and that he won’t be easily able to do what he wants.
Checks and balances on Capital Hill are waiting in the form of the peoples elected representatives, and if this democracy still works, these people will oppose his wishes if he gets to “Hitleresque”, by voting against his every plan.
So go easy Trump, Love is the Answer.


Steven.PBarrett 3 years 39 weeks ago

Donald Trump's "Making America great again" schtick's not a bad slogan, per se. We all want our nation to be strong economicallly and militarily strong to make sure we're not at risk of losing what we love so dearly, and money, slick skyscrapers, fancy jets, the uberrich lifestyle ... that's not it. But The Donald's way of pushing his version eerily reminds me of what appeared on those red banners with the Swastika in the middle. Just at the bottom appeaed "Deutschland Erwache." Germany reawakes. What ... the Obama years are some Weimar Republic? They damn near would've been if the GOP stopped the Obama Administration from saving the BigThree Automakers, getting Obamacare passed and making sure a lot of small businesses didn't tank out due to a wholly unnecessary collapse of the Auto Industry which so much else depends on. While Mitt and the rest of his merry robber barons were willing to sleep through yet another Great Depression, it was the Democrats who showed the world how to save capitalisim from its worst excesses and not sell the nation's soul out to the likes of the Thyssens and Krupps or Quandts (BMW) when the Nazis took control of Germany. (Hell, they had to rely on Weimar economists in the first place and stole from others wealthy art works to fund their military build up. Talk about privatizing crony capitalism! Obama woke the nation's economy up by using more old fashioned steps that preserved the economy and our nation's dignity in the process. What do the Republicans have to offer but paraphrased rehashes of Hitlerian talking points?

Roland de Brabant's picture
Roland de Brabant 3 years 39 weeks ago

Trump will never be anything in DC, he does not have the backing of the Harriman (cum Brown Bros.) Bank.


Israel Joseph I's picture
Israel Joseph I 3 years 39 weeks ago

I absolutely concur with you Steven. He is incredibly interesting and has a take it back brash attitude that might be needed right now on the world stage, still his vibe is like one who is due for a coronation as opposed to an election, and I'm guessing that you get my drift on the 20th century dictator he is beginning to remind me of by your reference. Frightening to imagine where this might be going. He has great potential to do good with that charm.

Robindell's picture
Robindell 3 years 39 weeks ago

His brash attitude is offensive and his ideas about immigration are unrealistic and historically and economically ignorant. He does not have as much compassion as you imply. He was o.k. talking to "apprentices" on his T.V. show, which has been taken off by the network because of his extremist comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico. Yesterday, there was a news story about how Amazon has a harsh work environment and has managers who mistreat the company's warehouse workers. Other such stories about the company have previously been publicized. In Germany, Amazon hired a security firm which had what were described as neo-Nazi security guards who broke into the housing of immigrant Amazon workers and searched their places of residence when they were not at home. In a U.S. Amazon warehouse, the inside temperature of the building reached something like 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but the managers refused to allow the loading dock doors to be opened to let in some air, for fear that products would be stolen. Instead, they had ambulances standing buy in case someone fainted from the heat. They monitor the movements of their employees, and if they move too slowly are sent a warning message, and are fired if they don't start moving faster in the huge buildings. The latest report, which was in The New York Times, said that Amazon managers encourage white collar employees to snitch on each other. I was once told that snitching on other workers is a "no no". It certainly won't win you any friends. The article claims that the atmosphere in the company among white collar employers is super-competitive. Another point is that when employers experienced a family tragedy, such as sickness or death of a family member, the managers expressed absolutely no compassion. If an employee was injured, instead of keeping his or her job open, the boss would fire the person. That could be a violation of the ADA. CEO Jeff Bazos responded by saying that the Times version is not the Amazon he knows. Bazons included his email address so that any employees who experienced mistreatment could tell him about it. On one Web site that had an article about the company's employment practices, there were several right-wing comments saying that the employees deserved to be fired if they didn't move fast enough and turn out enough work. Another person commented that these comments were "inhumane." It was also mentioned that in both Britain and the U.S., there are no real protections of human rights of employed individuals, whereas in Germany, there are unions or work councils that oversee what is going on, and government officials will speak out against companies that have been found to be abusing workers. And CEO Jeff Bazos was referred to by one commentator as "Bozo."

Business executives are not experienced with government or public policy. They are used to receiving a very high salary and being able to tell underlinks what to do, without question. They are often the chronies of lawmakers and are buddies with their Board of Directors, who are supposed to monitor and hold accountable the decisions of CEOs and other high-level executives. Someone like Trump would not want to do very much, either in enforcement or in new legislslation, to fix a broken system. Allow me to ad that Modelez, the maker of different food products, is laying off 600 workers from their plant on Kedzie Ave. on Chicago's South Side, and opening two new Oreo cookie production lines in their plant in Mexico. All of the Chicago plant workers are members of one of three different unions. The company, which was previously part of Kraft, is headquartered in Deerfield, IL. Kraft is moving its headquarters from suburban Northlake to downtown Chicago. The cracker and cookie operation was originally known as the National Biscuit Company, or NABISCO. Mondelez's South Side bakery is considered to be America's largest food production plant, with as many as 1400 workers. There are two buildings, a north building and a south building. The south building may be closed as a result of the outsourcing and downsizing of the facility. Trump admits that America is losing out to foreign competition where wages are low, but the problem is that he is on the side of corporate profits, not protecting workers' jobs in the event of a downsizing.

Elioflight's picture
Elioflight 3 years 39 weeks ago

Ladies and Gentlemen: This article is worth your read--StevenP.Barrett has touched upon this:

Robindell's picture
Robindell 3 years 39 weeks ago

Economics and tax investigative reporter David Cay Johnston has reported on Trump for many years. He recently said on NPR that if people knew the real Donald Trump, when it comes to his business practices, Trump would not have such high poll number. Trump is notorious for not paying contractors and others he has done business with. In a rating of the management of different companies, Trump's company received low ratings. Johston also said that in the construction of the Trump Tower, he used illegal Polish immigrants as workers, who could be identified because they were not wearing hard hats, a fact that a judge commented on. Trump's company has been cited for employment discrimination against minorities.

Israel Joseph I's picture
Israel Joseph I 3 years 39 weeks ago

Ya Robindell I saw todays Democracy now... That dudes assessment of Trump was politically TERRIFYING! If hes really like that then hes scarier than anyone on the Ticket. He is over the line.. Check this out:
Commentator: "... but If you charge tariffs on the cars that come in from Mexico, wouldnt that cost Americans more to buy cars?"
Trump: "So Americans will buy less cars, WHO CARES?"
Commentator: "If Pope Francis says to you, "I think that capitalism is evil", what do you say to him?"
Trump: "I would say, did you know that Isis is coming to get you? Ya they wanna take the Vatican city. ... I would have to scare the Pope. I hope hes only scared of God." - CNN interview 8.19.15
Oh boy, lol...i think we're in trouble.
Also, the Hillary Clinton Black Lives Meeting was highly distressing in that she would not address the laws she supported that caused the imbalances in incarceration rates, and told THEM to go find what she can do, lil. She tried but l.o.l. She was cold and clawing at his heart area with her fingers as she spoke was not a good look either lol, great episode of Democracy now today...

Israel Joseph I's picture
Israel Joseph I 3 years 38 weeks ago

He might have the "backing" of other powerful individuals who are as yet unseen.

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