Unfortunately, #Trump is beginning to sound a little like a 20th century dictator.
He does have some good points about “our leaders” as he calls them, about sentencing reform, about helping the poor and about renegotiating US trade deals.
However, I would say that its obvious that he needs more compassion in his compassionate conservatism when it comes to the way he wants to deal with people who by law are considered illegal’s, already here in the US.
He has a point that the borders are loose, and a country is defined by it’s borders. Still, part of this nation was taken by force from Mexico in reality, so more compassion is needed.
Trump should realize that he won’t be the king in DC, and that he won’t be easily able to do what he wants.
Checks and balances on Capital Hill are waiting in the form of the peoples elected representatives, and if this democracy still works, these people will oppose his wishes if he gets to “Hitleresque”, by voting against his every plan.
So go easy Trump, Love is the Answer.

Climate Scientists are Panicking - 1 Degree Makes a Big Difference

Thom plus logo Climate change is a real emergency, not a fake one like Trump's wall. The planet has already warmed one degree, and two degrees could be a civilization-ending event. It's killing people all over the world and is getting far worse far faster than we'd thought possible.