Will Donald Trump pick Scott Walker to be his Vice President?
The worst fears of the progressive class could culminate in a Walker Trump ticket. The fears of Walker becoming President could become real, if Trump gets the nomination and Walker does not, and if Walker is taped to serve as Trumps Vice President.
Scott Walker wants to establish so called “right to work” laws which seem to limit Unions workers ability to demand higher pay.
He wants to cut taxes and limit unions.
He is unsure about climate change.
Wants to reduce government assistance for food stamps and drug test recipients demanding “job” training in exchange for benefits.
Wants to repeal common core in schools.
Does not believe that deportation is the answer. Does not believe in a path to citizenship, wants to strengthen the border.
Plans to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage.
Seeking to ban abortions after 20 weeks.
Wants to support Israel and fight the deal with Iran.
Wants ground troops to fight T.I.S.
No talk about Sentencing Reforms here. No mention of a demilitarized police or ending state violence against Black and Brown People.
Walker seems to have a desire to take away rights from minority populations (in reference to gay marriage). Warmongering, wedge cutting, and increasing the need of the poor.
There are many reasons that Trump might not be fighting against Walker per say, but one reason might be that he intends to unite forces with the Walker camp and create one of the most right wing Presidencies, Vice Presidency House and Senates that we have seen in a long time here in America, and could result in a system where there might be even less care for the underclass masses.
If he were to be picked as Donald Trump’s running mate, Wal-Mart’s, low education standards, a worsening of climate change, and continuous war will guide the decisions of the American government as it does now.
War would never end. Our nation would continue to pose itself as the constant enemy of reason, compassion and peace.
The Koch brothers are traditionally allies of the Wisconsin governor. Their choice has the backing of their billions and their donor network is amassing a campaign pot to the tune of nearly 900 million dollars. The most that has ever been spent on a presidential election. More than either the democrats or republicans spent in the last presidential election, combined.
It now seems to be the age of Dictators and Dictatorship in America, the age of oligarchy and it looks like we are entering into a state of what is by definition, fascism. Total government control of the banks, the police and the media. A cult of personality.
Rising up in violence is not the answer. For violence begets violence. Voting is a sham because of the existence of the Electoral college, and becoming an introvert will dissolve the human race like a sand dunes on a windy bluff.
We must all find a way as Americans and non Americans to completely unite and become a loving self sufficient society outside of the false narrative that is the status quo, such as voting and separating into “parties”.
Our unity, love and understanding of one another and the differences we share along with the similarities we discover about ourselves is the only thing that will help us through this time, of great change.
The end is the beginning, thus the beginning is then the end, and so it goes until it does not.
Whether Walker becomes The President of the United States, or whether he is chosen by Trump to serve as his Vice President, the right wing direction of ticket, considering their stance on climate change alone, in my opinion would ultimately be hurtful for the poor, underprivileged, suffering classes where one might be shot in ones head while pulled over by police for not having a license plate on the front of ones vehicle.
Trump/Walker? A ticket for the 1 percent.


telliottmbamsc's picture
telliottmbamsc 4 years 16 weeks ago

I don't think Trump would want ANY affiliation with Walker. And if the Koch's made Trump put Walker into a cabinet position, Trump would probably create a post like, say, "Secretary of Office Supplies in Charge of Number 2 Pencils."

Israel Joseph I's picture
Israel Joseph I 4 years 16 weeks ago

Lol Telliottmbamsc, thats funny... Ha ha
The thing is though that Trump might be the face and the charm of their (the Koch bros) republican run like Regan, and Walker would play the shill, the billionaire's gatekeeper for programs and backroom deals that take away the rights of avrage Americans, and give the oligarchy anything they want, like G.H.W. Bush did as Regans VP, and like GW, one does not have to be intelligent at all to complete that sort of mission. Lol

Israel Joseph I's picture
Israel Joseph I 4 years 16 weeks ago

Commentator: "... but If you charge tariffs on the cars that come in from Mexico, wouldnt that cost Americans more to buy cars?
Trump: "So americans will buy kess cars WHO CARES?"
Oh boy lol...we're in trouble.

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