Billions of dollars are spent each and every year sending soldiers and ammunition across the oceans to defend so-called democracy in foreign nations, but we won't address what is going on with the Native peoples of these lands right here on our own soil in North Dakota?
The situation now facing the descendants of the Human Beings that resided here in these lands and in these territories before the Western colonization United States of America, is horrendous.
Senators, congressman, all those involved in Washington DC should now rapidly send the National Guard to North Dakota to the scene of this unbelievable atrocity concerning a private company allowing their attack dogs to bite these innocent Protectors of our planet, who are as they are always doing in their culture, protecting our shared earth, sky and water from those who would seek to destroy our common inheritance, such as the oil company that wants to carelessly build this Pipeline and risk having spills in lands that are irreplaceable, as has happened all over the planet.
They are in their own territory protesting a pipeline that will pollute the water. A pipeline that will destroy the environment, a pipeline that might one day a week millions or billions of gallons of oil into sacred lands.
Forever these lands have been sacred. They are not just secred to the people living there today, but have been sacred throughout millions and millions of years on this planet, sacred to many, many cultures of the past.
I demand as a citizen of the United States of America, that America do something to help these native peoples in North Dakota to protect their land against the oil pipeline and I demand as a citizen of the United States that America stop these oil companies from destroying native peoples who were here long before our new uninformed, unconnected, non spiritual selves were born in this this unimaginably mystical and magical, miraculous intensely scientific, fully balanced place we call life on Earth.
Tonight let's all say a prayer for those great people in North Dakota and in the rest of our country such as in Flint, Michigan, who are protecting our shared fresh drinking water.
Protect life. Give Love. Water is life.


zapdam.'s picture
zapdam. 3 years 20 weeks ago

Try watering your crops or livestock with water laced with hundreds of chemicals. Try even showering in this chemical cocktail. It's not enough the whiteman, now the United States systematically wiped out aboriginal forefathers, committed mass murder against 'First Nations People' , reduced their population from an estimated 18 million to a few hundred thousand in less than 2 generations, a US government that actually paid for 'INGUN' scalps giving reward for mass murder. Successive governments broke every treaty they ever made with these defeated people, even let them die of illness and starved them to death while under military armed guard. But now what little space they have been afforded from the giant landmass that is now United States of America and the racism and economic black hole these people must endure, the bought and paid for US government are now threatening the very lives of whats left of these poor souls and the once again the indignity of being overrun by a white sociopathic mechanism and that's basically saying there's not a fucking thing they can do about it. God DAMN America.

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