Saying that crap about "Two Americas" is what doomed John Edwards, and that's why we continue to persecute him or anyone if being married to Theresa Edwards wasn't punishment enough- Don't tell the phony-feminists I said this, but that woman was a real tyrant and a major that's politics. We got to defend "our women", so she's an innocent victim of a horrible cheating husband!

But if you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that's why we had the 'Fox Freaks', 'Derriere and the Disney Dames', and the corporate media pounding "Johnny E" for weeks at the time over his affair, while our own Oregon Governor, "Johnny K", had his own divorce records sealed...and not a word has been spoken around here about what he might be a possible affair while he was governor and maybe an illegitimate baby? Can you say, "Two America's"? YES YOU CAN!!!

Speaking of the Patriot Act, we knew we could count on "our" New York Senator Ron Wyden to get Eric Holder's favorite spy tools passed through the Congress. That's why last week we had 'APAC Abe' from the BOO and the other Zionists media network shills playing (non-stop) Corporate Ron's rant from Congress directed at the Petroleum give him a little cred- Of course, we knew ahead of time that nothing would change, so we all had a good laugh about that too- But Chuck and Hillary made sure Ronnie was with us on the John Roberts vote and Medicare Part D, and that's what really counts...when it's all said and done, and phase VIII is completed-

And what's a matter with "you's people", -- you "Deathers" -- not trusting anyone, to quote one of our DC corporate left propagandist (the "Jacker" -- a Kennedy conspiracy nut). It must be because "YOU"can't be trusted! It's kind of funny to hear him say this today, given all that's going on under your runny noses. James Madison once said,"all men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree." What a hoot!

And if you forget to add that second "n", to "Jacker's" last name it's obviously not because you're a bad speller, but because you're an "ANTI-SEMITE!" And don't forget to add the "h" as well, or we'll start calling you a...and get Eric and his trustworthy Department of inJustice after you...just like we're doing to that cheating John Edwards...and just like we took care of that whistle blower, "por Bradley Manning"-

I got to hurry up and catch a flight with Loren and Paul to Taiwan (where there's no age of consent), but there's lots of good news about what's happening with the implementation of phase III and phase IV which I'll share with you next time, but you might want to hurry up and stock up on salt water sea food. And don't be surprised next month when "your President" agrees to the important spending cuts we want, just like he's been doing. You can bet, he will do anything to keep the little lady happy and keep the plastic popping he doesn't "gets" that dreadful message, you know the one, "card declined"!

Don't forget, he voted for giving immunity to the TelComs for spying on you and didn't prosecute the "Shrubs" for authorizing torture or anything else, but "your President" has prosecuted more government whistle blowers than every other president in history, combined! Right on!


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