Hey, how come Brian Jennings and the corporate media shills aren't telling "you's people" that some of those 'sex workers' from Columbia were underage? Since they're American citizens, isn't that a crime? Hmmm... How bout the 'sex worker' from Brazil they through out of the car last December over money? That's a real hoot! And you wonder why we need so many bases around the world...for 'US'--

With the increase in government snooping, it almost makes you wish we still had 'Little George' running things. No difference- It really doesn't matter which puppet show "you's people choose", Every two or four years "we" choose the puppets who get the corporate media spotlight, and demonize any candidate who doesn't walk in lock step with "our" world view...so to speak.

Do you Oregon progressives think its curious that the RepubliCons in Oregon aren't running any candidate for the office of State Attorneys General? Or is there another corporate RepubliCon wearing the "big D"? You never know. Just remember you Oregon DemocRats (and of course, all you RepubliCons who switched parties just to vote in the DemocRat primary) , when you get "your" ballot next week just be sure to mark 'Dwight Holton' for SAG...and leave the important to 'US'!If you want to support America, then you need to support are fastest growing American industry -- the private prison industrial complex. Doesn't that title sound impressive?

And how about "your President" announcing this week that he's giving the U.S. Bureau of Prisons an extra quarter billion in 2013 to build more prisons and expand the private prison system? Isn't that great! What are you going to do, vote for Mitt instead? Not like we're gonna start hearing the crowds chanting "ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!"

And now that we have all the legal authority "we" need to silence any sort of "discontent" from "you's people", we're moving our assets into position to take out those dangerous Iranian war mongers. Besides, you have enough to worry about, with keeping "your" children safe and away from any of "those people" who might be carrying this strange, new "virus" that's been going around. Maybe to keep "you's people" safe, we need to think about rounding up the sort of people who might be carriers, like protesters, pot smokers, felons and "registered" sex offenders (won't find any current or former Secret Service people on that list). But, maybe I should slow down a little. I'm getting ahead of myself, but so what, right? phase V will be exciting times for some of 'US'. Look at phase III. The Alpha Dopes and the Clear Channel corporate shills won't tell you, but phase III will eventually wipe out all life in the entire northern Pacific Ocean. It's still melting down! Isn't that a hoot!

You know I always poke fun at the Program Director over at the Alpha Cave, Brian Jennings, but seriously nobody in America is better in the media business at mixing "our" message (corporate/government propaganda) with the daily news. Yeah, yeah, we know Brian, your a "good friend of Shawn Hannity", just in case you happen to be the only person in town he hasn't told this to... You know Brian, there's a lot of people out here, beyond the Alpha Dopes who don't think much of Shawn. Just sayin'- Keep up the great spin and keep putting out those self-promotional pieces where one of the Alpha Dopes, like Dufess Dave Martin, interviews the great "BRIAN JENNINGS who saved ALPHA Broadcasting" on the weekends as being some kind of public service show. That's a hoot! (The FCC considers that some kind of public service announcement? really?)

And make no mistake, the Channel 8 Sex Predators and the Alpha Dopes are pretty damn good at keeping fear alive, and keeping their zombies pretty angry and dunned down with meaningless, endless stock numbers, sports scores, and slanted "news". We know this confusion and distraction causes people to be anxious, which causes them to spend recklessly and behave erratically, which keeps are jails and prisons full. Not to mention how much money we can extort by keeping "you's people" on 'paper' for the rest of your lives...that might as long as you think--

And I poke a lot of fun at simple Bob too, but in fairness, it's probably not really his seed based on what I've heard. The fact is, all of 'US' corporate types around Oregon always call on 'Handy Bob' when ever we have a mess on the yacht to clean up (or some DNA we need to get rid of).

Now, I mostly work with program directors, program managers, engineers and technicians, so maybe's just me, but doesn't calling yourself "The Handy Man" sound a little "creepy"? It reminds me of that character from the movie "Photo Shop"- You can't tell me with a straight face that his kid got to be the play-by-play guy for Henry's "soccer" team based on talent...although it helps being identified online by John Canzano as hiss "main man" (what does that mean? That's real "creepy"!)

but seriously Brian, we're counting on you! We know you know a lot of "Strong"-armed, vicious cops from the 'Brotherhood of the Strong', and you have a lot of friends over in the DA's Office who owe you, and when Rob and Dwight take over a lot of activists' heads are going to ROLL!


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