Knowing that congress will never give us campaign finance reform and would if they did, water it down so much that by the time it passed it would be useless to its own purpose, I present this outside the box idea. We know that the so called conservatives run the media and control the news. This idea will make an end run around that issue too.

Here's the plan. Somebody in the interests not of the right or the left, has to purchase a cable TV station that would offer free time to all registered candidates for public office. As simply as that we will erase the need for high cost campaigns.

Most of the money spent on a campaign is spent on those TV ads. One thing I think campaign managers don't understand in their narrow outlook is that they are literally throwing money away on those 15 second spots that invariably go like this; big picture of candidate, superimposed American flag, touching music, voice over, video of candidate walking with his family. These things are so innane that even the candidates supporters roll their eyes and go, "Oh no. Not again.". After you see these ads again and again through a long drawn out campaign they become downright annoying. The feeling they leave you with is in fact negative. You feel as if you are being sold a bill of goods and you begin to get cynical. To begin with, you know that the 15 second spot didnt tell you anything about the candidate, nothing at all.

The idea of free TV for registered seekers of our trust would give them the chance to expound a little bit on their political philosophy. This is a big thing because it would also give voters a place to learn easily. They can't be expected to work as hard at it as we political junkies do. Most Americans come home from a twelve (not eight) hour day exhausted. They collapse on the couch for a quick moment knowing that they still have to deal in several ways with family issues including the preparation of dinner. While the kids play or do homework the heads of the family make dinner with the news on the TV on in the background They overhear bits and pieces but political nuances completely escape them. They're just too distracted. Most of what sticks in their brain is that there was a robbery or a rape and they should be concerned. The right wing knows this and takes advantage of it.

Do you see how the idea of an open ongoing arena for the presentation of a candidates views makes an end run around campaign finance reform? A candidate would simply not have to spend so much money and so it would be to nobodys advantage if they had more then their opponent.


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