You can support Bernie and not bash Hillary. It's actually pretty easy to do as time goes on because she's moving toward a more progressive platform. The thing that has really struck me is that the more progressive she gets the more excited and comfortable she becomes. This is a good thing and I feel she's been waiting for it to be okay to be progressive without destroying her political career. Maybe not the stand up guy Bernie, and sure, it's makes her more of a politician but I feel she's becoming the politician she's always wanted to be. She and Bernie share many of the same goals but they have different approaches to reaching them.

I am a Bernie supporter and have donated time and money to his campaign, just sayin, before I get jumped on lol. I'm middle aged, educated, successful and male. I'm a realist and an independent. I'm with Thom on the "stop bashing Hillary" bandwagon. She is also a strong candidate and will accomplish a lot in the right direction if she's President. Yes I'd rather have Bernie but I mostly want positive change in our government. Save the bashing for the Republican candidates. They leave lots of room for it.

Most of all, give Thom a break here guys!!! He's trying to present both sides and highlight the strengths of two very good candidates. Ummm... In other words.... He's doing his job and a great job of doing it!


Steven PBarrett's picture
Steven PBarrett 3 years 35 weeks ago

Amen. I've done some serious Hillary n' Billary bashing but I've had to ask myself ... "Could I have made a better argument on Bernie's behalf by just pointing out the supeior side of Bernie's arguments?

I'll bet I could've.

R.W.Leeds 3 years 35 weeks ago

I'm about to cancel my podcast subscription. I WON'T VOTE FOR HILLARY I believe Hillary is a big mistake for many reasons. " Blessed with two great candadates" Definitly not !

I literaly feel sick when Thom praises her.


ayuhwa's picture
ayuhwa 3 years 35 weeks ago

Hey All, Well, Jcat47, I agree with you on alot of what you wrote, However, I disagree with you on the rest. I fully agree that one can, and should support Bernie without bashing Hillary. I agree that Hillary is moving toward a more progressive platform, but Why? I mean its apparent why. "rhetorical?" . Any itelligent person who pay's attention to anything would agree that if Senator Bernie Sander's, Had an inkling of the national coverage that Clinton and Trump have had, you had better beleive this debacle of a democratic primary would be an entire different Primary. Thom isn't saying this to his listeners any more for some reason and veiwers, and thats why they are frustrated, and voicing their opinions. Now, in every other Presidential primary Iv'e witnessed, changing veiws, and moving one way or the other has been veiwed as "flip flopping", which makes me think of Hillary talking about different standards for her, in regards to releasing the transcripts of her highly paid speeches. To me, it seems there is a different standard when it comes to her changing her veiws and platforms, some times in the middle of a debate, " Flint,recall of Governor ". Now its great that she seems, and probably does feel like the candidate she's always wanted to be, But Really Man, is that good enough for the American people? I don't beleive so. I know your making the point that she's better than any GOP, and thats true, but we've had Obama for eight years, acknowledging the obstruction. How is she going to accomplish a more progressive agenda than him? And how is she going to accomplish anymore than he has? She Is an extentsion of Obama. we don't need a Dynasty, we need a REVOLUTION. I to am a Bernie supporter, as well as a delagate from Iowa, but I don't beleive she is a strong candidate, infact, I think she stand's a likely chance of losing the general to Trump if he is the candidate, and the other, Cruz, could very well beat her. With the number of people Trump has pulled into the voting process, I don't think their going away even if Trump loses. Bernie Sanders has brought out, and energized, an enormous amount of new voter's who are Loyal, and stands the best chance of winning in November. I feel it's Thoms job to point these very important facts out to his follower's. And in my veiw, Thom is not just pointing out the strength's of two strong candidate's, it really seem's he has abandoned his support for Bernie, I'm sure thats not the case, but it sure feels that way. So you say give Thom a break. I think Thom needs to earn a break. All said and done, I fully agree we don't need to bash Hillary, there's no place for it in Bernie's campaign, and he would denounce it. That being said we all should be able to voice our tasteful opinion's here on this website. In closing, I honestly can't say with good concience that I could cast my vote for the Former Secretary, and I beleive that go's for countless Other voter's and that is a Fact, and a very serious fact for the democratic party that need's very badly to be addressed, and soon, on a national stage. Otherwise I honestly fear dems can kiss hope's of retaining the White House goodbye. I think that is all, maybe I'll edit later. Thank's for reading. p.s. It look's like MIchigan is going Bernie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be proud of your home State Thom.

baby88 3 years 35 weeks ago

I am very thankful for Thom and all that he has done over the years to help move the Progressive agenda. I am a Progressive in part because of Thom; I am a Bernie Sanders supporter because Thom introduced me to Bernie on his Fridays with Bernie show and for some silly reason I have expectations that the Thom Hartmann Show would be in full support of him. That would mean allowing differences between Bernie and Hillary to be heard and welcomed; you say "bashing" I say differences.

What I did not expect is the continuous defending and apologizing for criticism of HRC on his show. I never expected to hear on the Thom Hartman Show an underlying premise that she is going to be the nominee like I hear all of the time. For example; on his segment on RT tonight he asked the panel if she becomes the nominee will she have challenges bringing over Bernie supporters especially in lieu of her shenanigans in SC, Mass, and now in Mich. The premise is always that she will win, I have heard him say on his show many times "...and she most likely will be the nominee" or something to that effect. I do not see how that helps build a positive narrative for Bernie.

You know folks if we all give it all we got for Bernie HRC will be a moot point; I look at this competition as a once in life time opportunity to move this country forward and at such a crucial time in our nation’s history…I expected an all-in campaign from the guy that introduced me to him.

ayuhwa's picture
ayuhwa 3 years 35 weeks ago

Well Said Baby88

zmb's picture
zmb 3 years 35 weeks ago

Ahhh yes, talking about anything that remotely appears to even be slightly negative about Hillary is "bashing' her.

Nobody has EVER bashed Hillary... the Hillary "bashing' is a cold hard look at her life, career, stint at the state department and her political ideology moving forward.

If I said that Hillary is a NeoCon who was endorsed by the HEAD NeoCon Robert Kagan, that would be seen as "bashing" Hillary yet it is the undeniable truth. The truth hurts Hillary supporters... they bristle, whine and throw temper tantrums like children whenever the FACTS are stated.

Hillary's term as Secretary of State coincides with the overthrow of stable regimes and democratically elected leaders on an unprecedented level. Those overthrows were orchestrated out of our embassies around the globe. The woman advocates for "Regime Change" which is nothing more than cleverly or not so cleverly disguised coups. Hillary was one of the masterminds of this... but that again, is a cold hard look at the facts and not "bashing" in any way. It's all in wikileaks how our global system of embassies are used to funnel cash to violent gangs to make the overthrows look like they were "homegrown" attempts at "freedom". John Perkins talks about this at length in his "Economic Hitman" books.

What the Hillary people like to do (OP included) is to feign indignance and cry "abuse" whenever the truth is laid bare for all to see.

This blog post is nothing more than an attempt to bully Thom and his listeners into being gun shy about telling the truth about Hillary. It's already worked on Thom... the Hillary campaign has routinely disguised themselves as "Thom Hartmann University students" to call or write up Thom in order to convince him that Hillary deserves "protection" from abusive Bernie supporters.

They feign victimhood while simultaneously operating as FIRST CLASS PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BULLIES... you liberal centrists think you can manipulate your entire environment including your progressive brothers and sisters... guess what? It aint happening. I will call you Hillary liars out for what you are... you are ALL bullies.

That's a consistent theme that runs between Hillary supporters... they are all BULLIES!

tim1234 3 years 35 weeks ago

When a caller expressed dismay with HRC's cuddly relationship with Kissinger, Thom asked: so that's a deal breaker?

For me, yes. I remember what Kissinger has done. Her Foriegn policy is to the right of Trumps. If he claims the anti war mantle, she will not win. The funny thing about that moment in the debate or townhall when the specter of Kissinger rose from many graves was her total look of confusion. She appeared befuddled that anyone would be offended by her using Kissinger as a mentor.

It is not wrong to say I feel so strongly about the wars in the Middle East that I won't vote for anyone who supports that kind of policy. Thom might feel so strongly about defeating Republicans that he considers it wrong headed to put your personal morals before the apparent good of the party but other folks may feel differently. That does not make them the enemy.

reneerent's picture
reneerent 3 years 35 weeks ago

Bashing and bullying is when you hurt the subject, but maily unjustly, I presume? One can only determine that when armed with the real facts: read Perkins, read Hitchens, about the actual facts of HRC. Also, it's completey fair to also include BC's actions and policies in her resume, they were in it together. sO, if the truth does not align with your wishes, does that mean that there is bashing going on?

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