Let see now; 911 happens. The world is volunteering anything they can do to help. Iran, (yes Iran, they also hated Osama bin Ladin) offered to get bin Ladin for us. Bush called them a name and said I don't need your help. The Taliban offered to get him for us. Again Bush said F-U, I don't need your help. A contingent Delta Force of around 40 to 50 men had bin Ladin pinpointed in a cave in the Tora Bora region of Afganiztan and asked for another 200 military soldiers so they could go get him and his men. The commander of this group was refused his request and told to "stand down". Meanwhile this enabled Osama bin Ladin to escape. This commander was on 60 Min.s 2 times and told this story. The second time he said he learned the refusial & order to "stand down" came from the White House. 7 1/2 yr.s later Osama bin Ladin still was living free. Barack Obama becomes President, Jan. 20 2008.2 years, 3 months, around 15 days Osama bin Ladin is killed. Bush did not want bin Ladin captured as that would take away part of the reason for invading Iraq. Yes all three of Bush's turndowns for getting bin Ladin all happened before invading Iraq. Remember; him and his cronies said at the time Saddam was helping bin Ladin and training his al-quida men. All lies! Saddam also hated bin Ladin. All this is true and factual. Some people reading this will not have known any of this not having paid any attention to what was really going on. Others will remember all of this. The reason I'm writing this is there was no reason for all the thousands of lives that were lost in Iraq.


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