Despite what the young man says on MSNBC, very little of the fee trophy hunters pay the Zimbawbwe government goes to wildlife conservation and park rangers -- most of the fee goes to support their dictators lifestyle. This is a person who serves roasted baby elephant at state dinners and who is currently snatching baby elephants from their mothers to sell to highest bidder -- mostly China.

Being that Zimbawbwe's governement is currently in turmoil, it is unknown what a future ruler will do about the country's great cats, water buffaloes, and elephants -- all of which are endangered.

The ban against importing trophy heads and ivory into the US from trophy kills should remain. We as a nation cannot contribute to the killing of these endangered animals.

I cannot speak for Zambia since it is not a country I track. However, all elephants, rhinos, and big cats are threatened and should not be hunted. Biologists predict these big animals will be extinct by 2050 -- some say by 2040. Very very sad.


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