Postal Service

It is true there is a decline in the volume of mail due to the rise in internet and smart phone activities but one of the largest loss over the past decade is due to legislation passed during the Bush presidency that required the USPS's health and pension funds had to be funded for all employees present and future for the next 75 years AND could only be paid out of postage stamp sales!!! I find this preposterous since it meant the Postal Service had to put well over $6Bn each year for 10 years into their employees' retirement trust. I cannot help but wonder if the Republican penchant for privatizing our Postal Service is an attempt to subvert the billions in this trust fund to pay for the tax windfall just awarded to our billionaires.

Are you aware that the Postal Service carries 25% of UPS and FedEx deliveries? UPS and FedEx refuse to deliver to rural America BECAUSE THOSE ROUTES ARE NOT COST EFFECTIVE. So, they deliver to the post office and the Postal Service makes the deliveries.

Our constitution says there will be a post office. What happens if the post office is eliminated? I cannot ship to Europe via private carriers as cheaply as I can mail at Post Office nor mail a letter for $0.49 via UPS or FedEx.

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