Thom: It looks to me like Trump’s “blunder” on abortion has actually stumbled into a truth that has evaded the country and our national political discourse until now: What is the meaning of an enacted positive civil law that has no sanction, no consequence, no penalty? Doesn’t such a “law” just become mere advice? And, if so, can it be enacted ? Should it? Penalize the abortionist and we’re back to pre-Rowe-vs-Wade situations with women dying from botched practices. Catholic doctrine has long held that abortion as a serious sin requires three conditions: serious matter, awareness of that seriousness , and full freedom in carrying out the act. Playing politics with moral matters can never take such moral conditions into consideration, and the Republican use of the abortion issue for its politically devisive purposes has corruptedall of our politics which, with ironic justice, has now backfiredon them: hoist on their own petard! Clearly the country, right and left, secular and religious, refuses to penalize the woman for an abortion, as evidentin the reaction to Trump’s stupid comments that could openthis discussion to a genuine solution. God willing, may we soon reach a middle ground prompting all sides into balanced debate and end this political chicanery. Any lawyers around? Not to mention a rational reasonable politician or two……… John F. FosterSeattle


tim1234 3 years 47 weeks ago

I don't agree that there is a reasoned antiabortion position. People call themselves pro life and yet they are pro death, for wars and the death penalty, against helping poor babies get educated, etc..

What justification is there for making laws which depend on biology for enforcement? I don't see it. If the law can't apply to both sexes equally what reason is there for it? Abortion is a personal matter. My role as a citizen is to see that they are safe, accessible, and free. That is my belief. I think the debate over whether or not a cell is a person is fine for religions and philosophy 101. But in the real world those cells are part of a woman until she decides otherwise one way or the other.

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