First, some history. I decided at age 6 to DO THE RIGHT THING. I had 8 years of nuns and 8 years of didn't take.

God.( not a gray haired old man) is supreme intelligence and supreme love. He does not "hurt" people. HOWEVER...Mother Nature does her thing, and she is pretty in a flood plain and you will die. God can direct Mother Nature. And God's direction is caused by our "prayers".

I am a whistleblower..I make people DO THE RIGHT THING. I was a builder with 4,000 successful projects. I also put 15 companies out of business and 6 people in Federal prison. My wife and I stopped $3 Billion in corruption.

Now,I am not smart enough to do this myself. God does most of the work, I am just the conduit. I moved to Palm Beach County which turns out to be the most corrupt county in the USA. 4 hurricanes later , it turns out the building dept ( which I worked for ) was NOT inspecting roofs. So there was $2B of water damage...and eventually 4 of 6 County commissioners went to jail.

I am still working on this prayer thing, but I was "ramped up" by the medical field trying to kill my wife 6 times. The TV would turn off when I walked past it.

Right now I am praying for Justice for Flint. It seems to be working...Snyder looks like toast, UofM and Mich State both lost basket ball games. I have to be careful, because I also want vengance, and that is not God thing.

I will keep you posted,


MelanicMechanic's picture
MelanicMechanic 3 years 24 weeks ago

Oh, Gawd!

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funkutron 3 years 24 weeks ago

We are "God"...we are the "end game" of the Universe, or as Alan Watts used to say, "We are the Universe knowing itself from billions of points of view, and the points come and go so that the vision remains forever new"'re always going to be someone, because "nothingness" is a non-state, a non possibility. The thing we need to "get" in the West, is there's no separate ego...God is literally everyone, and everyone is "I myself"....there's no real "you" in the sense of a permanent sparate ego, there's only God. There's nothing in the whole Universe but God. This is all play, "Maya" or illusion as the Hindus say. Particle physics proves this. The Western religions say "God save my soul"...but it's not YOUR soul! It's just a part of God. In the East, they learn to see through the veil of the ego, to become enlightened. In the West, they see the finger pointing the way, but they suck it for comfort rather than follow it! In the West, enlightenment is "blasphemy"...that's why the Jews had Jesus executed, and why the Catholic Church even executed some Saints and Mystics for Heresy. No wonder everything is so fucked up in the Western World. And the Eastern religions seem to be caving in to the materialistic ways of the West.

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