Tom's topic today was all about CBD and the benefits of cannabinoids. Great topic, Thom! When I first started learning about the positive effects of CBD about 1-1/2 years ago I decided to do something with my new-found knowledge. I started a website called to help educate and share the news and good fortune about cannabinoids.

Less than a year into it I was cut off by my credit card processor, blocked by Google AdWords from advertising, and blocked by PayPal. All say the product CBD oil, even though it's within legal limits of THC, violates their "terms and conditions." What a bunch of BS.

There are no clear regulations from any of our government agencies regarding CBD oil and its legality. My company has been effectively put out of business because of ignorance or suppression from the financial community and Google.

I have contacted the FDA asking for clarity and put out an open letter to them stating my case for clear product guidelines regarding low-THC CBD oil...

Clearly CBD and the entourage effect of cannabinoids are extremely beneficial to the human endocannbinoid system. The mainstream medical community is not trained on these and therefore it remains non-existent in their treatments. From what I have learned there are no known side effects and zero interference with man made pharmaceuticals. Big pharma will try to mimic cannabinoids, but will fail miserably, just like they did with Marinol. You can't outperform the power of Mother Nature.

BTW, Thom, cannabidiol is pronounced "can-na-bid-eye-all" (canna [as in cannabis], bid, eye, all).

While my website was able to process orders I served people seeking alternatives to chemo therapy, to coincide with their chemo, and to just supplement their health. I also received many unsolicited testimonials. One which stands out was a customer whose doctor told him there was nothing they could do to treat his lung cancer anymore. He tried a 60-gram dose of CBD oil (THC less than 1%) for 60-90 days and when he went back to the doctor for a checkup the spots were gone. His doctor and nurses said they've never seen anything like this before, it just doesn't happen.

Cannabis oil has been shown to kill breast cancer cells. Called apoptosis, the cells commit suicide. Why has this not been front page news? The medical industrial complex! There are patents pending for CBD in the treatment and prevention of diabetes! This is huge, but again, no news in America. One published study shows how CBD protected the liver during binge drinking.

If someone you know or love is suffering from an illness, seek CBD oil either with or without THC, depending on where you live. Ask for a certificate of analysis to show your medicine is clean. Find a good source and spread the word.

I've been taking CBD oil off and on for almost 2 years now just to improve my health and my digestive tract is doing so much better (possibly reversing the effects from GMO's), my cognitive functions have been improving (no more foggy head), my sleep patterns are fantastic, and my overall mood is so much better. I take 1/2 gm of CBD oil before bed 3 to 4 times a week.

CBD oil, not to be confused with hemp "seed" oil, is highly concentrated in cannabidiol and also includes many other cannabinoids. It's long overdue for the DEA to remove cannabis from as a Schedule-1 narcotic with no medicinal value. They look very foolish in the eyes of the world when so many people know this is not true.

Here's a link to share with anyone you know that has cancer...


jggrieco 5 years 9 weeks ago

THC tidbit: a mature cannabis plant, before harvesting, has THCa, acid form which is non-psychoactive. When the THC ages, or is heated (smoked or baked) it converts to THC and that is what gets people "high."

However, when THC is heated it loses its most potent medicinal value. The best form of cannabis treatment for medicinal purposes is to juice fresh plants with high CBD content.

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