I think that OWS needs a hard set of grievances to focus their message. Here a few that I think should be considered:

1. I want to see Congress work with the President to solve our problems. No more lines in the sand.

2. I want to see a fair and balanced approach to balancing the budget and reducing the deficit. By this I mean cutting spending in a responsible and balanced manner and offsetting those cuts with tax increases on those making more than five hundred thousand dollars. Do not only balance the budget on the backs of the poor while leaving corporations and the rich relatively untouched.

3. I want to see tax code reform that is progressive and raises all boats when times are good. I want to see tax code reform to reduce Corporate Welfare where the elite few with political connections and influence are made wealthy at the expense of the common tax payer.

4. I would like to see a mandatory war tax whenever this country goes to war.

5. I want to see the cost of entitlement programs managed responsibly. By this I mean, no draconian cuts that disproportionally hurt our seniors and poor while leaving the rich relatively untouched. I want to see compassion in the solution. Ease changes in gradually and offset the cutting with an increase in taxes for those making over five hundred thousand dollars a year.

6. I want to see tort reform that is not slanted in favor of large corporations. I want to see trial by Jury upheld as called for in the constitution so that when a Jury awards a just settlement, it is not overridden by a Judge or legislative body who places an arbitrary cap on settlements regardless of the level of wrong doing or the findings of the Jury.

7. I want to see more priority for education in this country. I want to see a plan to help those who want to go to college achieve their dream without being shackled with huge debt upon graduation.

8. I want to see a health care plan that reduces the cost of healthcare as opposed to just transferring the cost to the individual. I want to see the federal government have the ability to negotiate for the price of pharmaceuticals for the American people. I want to see a plan that puts people before profits.

9. I want to see regulations that are enforced and hold people and corporations accountable. All of the past financial crises were preceded by an easing of regulations. If you want to reduce regulations then I suggest Congress focus on making what is left clear and enforceable, and the penalty for breaking them so severe that no sane person would ever consider crossing the line. Enforcement means that the responsible organizations need to be funded.

10. Lastly, I want to see the economy fixed and a sense of confidence returned to the marketplace. Business doesn't like uncertainty. The first step in removing that uncertainty is to put up a plan that both sides can live with. If raising taxes is involved, business will adapt as long as they know what to expect and what to plan for.

11. Reinstate Glass Steagall.

12. Repeal Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and get Corporate money out of politics.


Jim Blalock's picture
Jim Blalock 7 years 47 weeks ago

You could also add:

11. Reinstate Glass Steagall.

12. Repeal Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and get Corporate money out of politics.

chuckle8's picture
chuckle8 7 years 47 weeks ago

On KO last night he presented an economic plan presented by the occupy DC group. How does it compare to your 12 steps?

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