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The Republicans and Tea Party folks distort reality and keep pumping the distortions out. They are extremely organized and extremely well funded. They win the information game. They won the info game for this last election and they could easily win the 2012 election.

What if Mr. Obama (or Thom Hartmann) created a group (eg: Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Thom and the best of the best) who could take a major topic and distill it down to the facts vs. fiction. Then, this group would create visual aids; charts, graphs and creative illustrations. Maybe have some artists or advertising folks who could convey as clearly as possible with visual aids the truth of that specific topic, eg: healthcare. Point out the players and their motives. Point out who profits and what the balances/imbalances are. Point out what the average American pays now for health care, etc. Create an audience and have Professor Obama practice in front of them. When he has it down and when his visual aids are fine tuned and tweeked to perfection, put him on national TV and have him actually teach the American Public what the truth is. He is a teacher already. Have him tell it like it is, like Cronkite's "And That's the way it was."

Then move to another topic and nail down that topic to a simplified tincture that very average people can understand. Visual aids are key. Visual images are key. The President has the bully pulpit and he needs to get the message out there. Let the truth be taught.




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