Folks, I don't understand why Hillary is shying away from the economy. The Dow Jones has risen by more than 10,000 points during the last eight years. If we follow the Trump plan and reduce taxes on the wealthiest people to 15% we will be following the mistakes of the past. Those mistakes (as well as others in banking) lead to the crash of the late 2000's. The opposing party always argues that people are hurting, and the economy is not what we would like it to be, however, the facts don't support that statement. While there are things we can do to help move the economy forward (like oppose TPP). The facts are that we have added jobs every month for more consecutive months than at any other time. The facts are that the economy is much more stable that in 2007-2008. Hillary should not be shying away from economic issues, she should be championing the successes the democrats have made.


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chuckle8 2 years 50 weeks ago

It seems to me that the number of jobs is just a smokescreen. The key economic metric should be economic inequality. Some insight into why number of jobs is a faulty metric is that if we bring back slavery everyone can have a job. Another insight is that a lot of people were working so they could have insurance. With the ACA they no longer had to work.

Economic inequality is difficult to measure. It seems it takes several years to get a grip on what it is. I think the median wage is a quick way to get a reasonable measure of economic justice. I think the median wage has flat lined or worse since raygun. The Obama smokescreen is to use household income. In that way you just have more people in a household working and even if the median wage goes down the household income can rise.

Finally, who wants a job? Just send me my paycheck and I will be satisfied.

Legend 2 years 50 weeks ago

The Republicans depend on Americans amazingly short memories. Also Republican road blocks and austere spending has done nothing but slow a recovery. Trump is just more Reagonomics. It is well proven that the money does not trickle down. It is held by the 1%.

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zapdam. 2 years 50 weeks ago

If Hillary would highlight the economy, she could remind Americans that on day one of the Obama administration after 8 years of Republicans ,America was circling the drain headed for a great depression. The US was losing 800,000 jobs a month, banks were bankrupt, the stock market was on its knees at 6000, the housing market had collapsed, big three auto makers were about to go fits up,50 million Americans had no health care, America was fighting 2 George W phony unwinnable wars costing 3 thousand billion dollars and thousands of young American boys were coming home in body bags ,America was still licking it's wounds from the greatest attack on US soil in its history. Not to mention George W administration had added 5.5 trillion dollars of new debt in just eight years, plus three trillion in war debt.

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dianegrace 2 years 50 weeks ago

I'm not an expert but BA was in economics. Just because the DOW is at an all time high has nothing to do with the economy as it relates to income etc. Interest rates have remained nonexistent due to the Federal Reserve which means that the only place to put one's money is in the stock market - as traditional interest bearing investments are nonexistent

. Feds have kept rates so low BECAUSE the economy is bleak and suffering. Watch the Feds for when you begin to see interest rate increase you will then know that we are beginning to see improvement. As to incomes - any kind of uptick we have not seen for more than 10 years and with increase in prices the average man has seen no growth - there maybe more jobs but these are low paying jobs. Heavy Federal regulations preventing new emerging markets )new start up businesses) and with Clinton wanting a 65% death tax means for me specifically upon my death my children will be unable to pay that tax and be forced to sell my little business. So US is bleak as well as foreign markets - things are not better but actually worse and many predict that we will see another major downturn which hurts all of us for 2017.

Also with the Global financial downturn, the only place to invest with any kind of safety is the US stock market. That is why in NYC, for example, many leaving as cannot afford being replaced by Russians, Chinese and Pacific Rim people who have the wealth. Ex. Many of Manhatten's million dollar apartments are empty but owned by foreigners - so I think you see the trend.

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zapdam. 2 years 50 weeks ago

"Every day, the network news reports changes in the stock market using the Dow Jones average. The Dow is calculated by the Dow Jones Corporation ( owned by Rupert Murdoch , Fox News), the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and measures changes each day in the stock prices of 30 large corporations.

Changes in the stock market can have a quick impact on the finances of the 10% of Americans who invest heavily, owning 85% of all stocks. Yet for the 71% of the population who own no stock or less than $2000 worth (even in pensions or mutual funds), the Dow has no im mediate relevance. So what does a high Dow mean?"

"Stocks are shares of ownership in corporations. So the amount that investors are willing to pay for stocks tells us what they think about the well-being of corporate America."

above copied from

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zapdam. 2 years 50 weeks ago


So you're splitting hairs over the stock market being at 6000 in Bush W's last days being of any significance as compared to 16,000 to 18,000 the last so many months, but what about the 800,000 Americans losing their jobs EVERY MONTH in early 2009 or the housing collapse or the banking collapse or 50 million Americans with no health care and what about those two illegal right wing wars killing thousands of young Americans and cost 3000 billion dollars. What about the Bush w regime incompetence that allowed 911 to happen or the 5.5 thousand billion dollars those 'fiscal' conservatives added to Americas debt in just 8 years under Bush W or the 3 thousand billion war debt that Bush W cost the taxpayers. I mean talk about the stupidest fucking electorate on the planet, bar none.

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chuckle8 2 years 50 weeks ago

Zapdam -- It seems that you mean the stupidest fucking electorate of the OECD countries. There are other fascist states that can directly keep the electorate ignorant. At least in the US the economic royalists have to manipulate the media to keep us ignorant.

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chuckle8 2 years 50 weeks ago

dianegrace -- Where did you get your BA? Was it the University of Chicago?

Also, you need to hire a tax attorney. The first $5.4 million is not subject to the tax. The death tax has the purpose of preventing our plutocracy from becoming an aristocracy. If your kids cannot run a business with a $5.4 million handicap, I think we need someone else providing whatever service you provide.

Interesting, the death tax should effect Hillary more than you.

What regulations?

Federal reserve is not the driving force for interest rates. I, essentially, only had one course in economics (plus Thom), and I know it is aggregate debt that is holding down the interest rates. Double the amount of welfare payments and provide them indefinitely. Per all observations, our economy should then take off. That is, welfare payments are the best investment the US makes.

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