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by Diana May Waldman -Sheeple, People and Steeples-WWH-We’ve seen some changes this week. Things have been happening. Headline news talking about Eygpt, Wisconsin, Ohio, angry mobs…emotions were high this week with expressions of triumph and hope, sprinkled with anger and despair.

It’s kind of like a hornets’ nest and you have a stick. You poke it a couple of times. After about the second or third poke the hornets get angry and start swarming around you. Sometimes you can run, but other times you are stung.

They say if you are searching for something dead, look up to the sky…look for the buzzards circling around the dead carcass.

It appears to me that even nature has a mob mentality. Sometimes it’s for a good purpose and others time not so much.

A very good friend of mine has a theory about facebook. He calls it the “mall.” We all gather there, hang out, and chat. Malls are good and they serve a purpose, but how often do we take what we’ve talked about and gone outside the mall and into the world? More

Sherry Pasquarello- ANOTHER RANT

Yep, it’s like the boogie woogie. It’s in me and it’s gotta come out!

Funny how just one little comment can be the last straw. I’m on facebook as well as having my own blog. I’ve never censored the comments I’ve received even though a few have been really vulgar or just plain stupid. I’m a poet and a writer and so I hold free speech in high regard. Facebook comments can test that ideal at times. Honestly I have rarely seen such ridiculous explanations for the attitudes and beliefs some people hold.

It’s hard enough watching the calculated and cold way that the middle class is being picked apart and set against each other by billionaires who are doing this for their own enjoyment(they certainly don’t need more money) but when I get nasty and frankly, dumb comments from some of the very people that these billionaires are trying to screw over. That’s working my last nerve!

Yes, this is America but that doesn’t make every citizen immune from other citizens that are scheming greedy opportunists.

Get a grip people. Just because you beat your chest and loudly proclaim your status as such doesn’t mean you can check your brain at Plymouth rock!

Pay attention. Follow the money trails. It’s fairly easy. Especially now when our elected congress critters and some newly elected governors have gotten arrogant enough to parade their greed for all to see. Yes, I guess some of us find it hard to believe that anyone would be that Machiavellian, cough, Koch, cough . Hey, that term cam from a man. Look him up. Things never change much, human nature being what it is. More:

Phil-PolizattoThe Futures Market: …response to my series on the Collapse of Capitalism.

Dear Mr. Pinko Pervert Polizatto,

Whoopee! Climate change is creating food shortages. As a capitalist investor who specializes in commodities, particularly crops, I am ecstatic that I bought lots of staples such as corn, wheat, oats, rice and soybeans at ridiculously low prices in the futures market. I was counting on a few natural disasters to bring about a shortage of foodstuffs. I knew from the way things were going, it was only a matter of time. Now, thanks to these worldwide food shortages, I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I doubt that more than a couple of billion people will have to suffer much. Should it come down to rampant starvation, the planet could do with a few less people anyway. Fewer resources used means more for me and mine. Thank you Climate Change! A smart capitalist knows how to make money off of any disaster, be it economic, political, social, or environmental.

The only thing I really worry about is that if it gets too out of hand, if the price of food gets too high, no one will buy it… they will steal it! I mean we are talking survival here. Desperate people do desperate things. I guess I could always hire Whackenhut Services to guard my money and warehouses. More than likely, no matter how expensive food gets, there’ll be enough rich people who can afford what I have in storage.

But just to hedge my bets, I’ve counted on a worldwide bumper crop next year, bringing down the price of some crops to below what a farmer can live on, and though it will eat into the dividends of those who own stock in agribusinesses, I’m counting on making another winning from the inability of Capitalism to perform adequately. More:

Joe McEvoy Worldwide Hippies News & Stuff (Video news) Feb. 21 -This week – Best dressed Dictator, Rush Limbaugh “some times a Cigar is not a cigar”, Don’t turn your back on Hillary.. and more
Watch now


WWH: Homegrown – Here is our best from last week


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