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Preaching to the Choir

Conservative and liberal outlets alike are in the business of entertaining. They cannot actually be concerned in a genuine movement. To truly progress a movement at some point one has to deal with cold hard facts...right? To progress a movement requires getting your message out there. Consistently talking to your followers does nothing to expand your reach.

Facts are irrelevant to conservatives, facts require research and diligence. To Conservatives it's much easier to engender the base? Cunningly, Conservatives are able to play to their base and grow the party thru competition, often independent of factual accuracy.

So what outlets do Liberals and Conservatives use? Radio, TV, Print, all forms. If anyone takes a look at the ratings Conservatives are winning the mass media battle on all fronts. Conservative opinionated talks shows lead the cable news network ratings, their radio shows dominate the airwaves, and Conservative books are constantly on the New York Times best sellers list.

What does this mean....competing and winning? Simple....winning gets press, gains attention and thus opens up new audiences. Conservatives are quite simply much better salespeople than Liberals. Conservatives focus on selling and competing to grow their customer base...their voters. Successful companies in any industry have aggressive sales forces.

Conservatives have mastered marketing, they push the Republican party to grow it's base by competing and winning in the mass media world. So what are Liberals to do? Join the fight, refine your message, make it easily understandable from a sales standpoint, clearly differentiate your message from every single competing message out there. Liberals must be intractable on every single issue, every single bill, and yes every single fallacy created for political gain.

Wow! This is a full time job. Yes winning the war of messages, marketing, and sales is big business, politics is big business. American politics is about the better sales person, and most grandiloquent sales force. This is what it has come to, expecting people to weed thru the rhetoric is not realistic.

Liberals must compete and win the mass media war in order to remain relevant. Relevance in the future...the middle class is dependent upon this, Democrats need to compete! To simply be inert observers of masterful Conservative marketers does nothing to progress the movement.


Semantic Monitor's picture
Semantic Monitor 9 years 26 weeks ago

If the progressive-minded “preach to the choir,” let’s include sermons that organize the choir to take their act on the road; as well as swaying the choir’s “fence-sitter” neighbors to join the choir!

Discussion thread ‘Dreams’: I had a dream (POST #7 LINK) where I was a caller who got on to Thom’s show, and spoke a few words (that left Thom speechless) which gave that “extra nudge” to listeners to “get active.” (It’s not enough to only “preach to the choir”).

Thom’s Tuesday July 27th show discussed dreams. Dreams can provide insights regarding concrete strategies to “get involved.”

kwikfix 9 years 26 weeks ago

Liberals must compete and win the mass media war in order to remain relevant.

We Liberal Democrats stomped Republican butt in 2008. That's as relevant as you can get.

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