Thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts for making our president relevant again and moreover the whole concept of personally mandated healthcare...the people complaining loudest will be doing the same volume of complaining when they personally need a new kidney or a by-pass surgery...its a healthcare tax...and I dont need a law degree for that to be the correct legal opinion...Supreme Cout agreed...properly represented taxation is legal in America...Wow...imagine the horror.

It doesn’t bother me if our President was born in Kenya and his real name is Barry. Nor does it bother me, that he was once served and did eat…man’s best friend, with a tasty BBQ sauce I am sure…I like the Affordable Care Act. The past twenty plus years of battles between various and and sundry generations of politicians, some now deceased such as Kennedy, some in prison, DeLay…anyway This is the big issue, we Americans need to understand either we all have proper healthcare and life extending surgurical insurances, or only the upper 20% or so will. Either a person with pre-existing condition will get coverage or they wont. On this, republicans have lied and any Romney plan is not-to-be trusted. Any Mitt Romney plan will exclude people and/or services from what is now covered under President Obama care.

I believe we whom supported the President in 2008 are fundamentally and ideologically attacked when extremist republicans talk about repealing “Obamacare” The basic idea of affordable healthcare coverage for all by way of mandate is a fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. The republicans have a lot of dis-ingenuous extreme thinkers, the type whom wouldn’t mind watching patient A. die from an ailment patient B was saved from…their mental abilities only allow them to blame the victim with justifications of “it’s their own fault, they should have gotten a good job.” Etcetera, etcetera. These types twist words like “opportunity” and they take their patriotism to strange extremes as well. (No examples need be given)

The issues all must fall in line in order of their actual cultural and physical importance. David Suzuki the scientist claims we aren’t even yet level 1 as a race, Level 1 , explored other worlds, level two, other solar systems, and level three explored other galaxies…the universe.

When it comes to our humanity, our development as a race that cares and furthers its very gift its very own humanity…we are also sadly , still beneath level one…our capacity as a race , generally speaking, to actually feel for other humans being (empathize) is quite lacking in huge statistical numbers of our people. So from an astronomical standpoint and an anthropological standpoint as well,,,we are barely above a Neanderthal or the Barbarian that came just following him.

Healthcare may be the issue that sparks the crowd to rally under the old big blue tent again. I want a president whom is capable of making tough decisions , a tough guy when he has to be, a nice guy because he has compassion and a smart guy who loves his family…La Familia and ….La Gente as well…that is why I don’t care if he was born in Kenya, guns got loose to the Zeta boys in Fast and Fuzzy and the leaks came from Michelle….I don’t care Im voting for the tough guy whom now has the Supreme court backing him on the humane issue that raises to a level one culture anthropologically, a society that provides proper health care to ALL it’s people…America may not reach level 1 astronomically by war of exploring Mars..however we are level 1 now anthropolically, sociologically, by way we provide proper health care to ALL our people.

It’s worth rallying for the President once again, quite possibly things economically will improve when the 1% decide they cannot win this way and loosen the corporate purse-strings on capital investment. But who knows… On this one good important thing President Obama has improved America. One Good thing is always worth fighting for and protecting. FREE CHRIS DIAZ! Sincerely John McKinney


Affordable Health Care is Worth Re-Electing President Obama Over.


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johnmckinney 5 years 20 weeks ago

I like this picture, its about as honest a look as there is...and I like it...honestly tough...whole new ballgame now that The Supreme Court did NOT strike down Affordable Healthcare. I mean that, because the right-wing in unrepentantly attacking the new law. President Obama, with all due respect, is the good old "Devil We Know" all the best and Cheers...John McKinney

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