I am struck this week by all the talk out there. If I were to sit down for the entire day, I could not absorb more than a small percentage of it, and by the end of the day, all that talk goes under the bridge, so a new set of talking points can be aired the next morning. Is that enough?

Yes, this is the information age, so not only do we now get bombarded with a kiloton of nonsense every day but disinformation and outright propaganda, like the recent piece put out by 60 Minutes on the "Giving Pledge", by Bill and Melinda Gates.


You do not need to see it, I just wanted to give an example of what I mean. Information, opinion, and fiction are all out there for you 24/7. Thom's show sadly falls into the same category. I'm thankful for his service, however perhaps it's really not serving the greater goal so much.

I was an avid listener of Democracy Now until I realized that it was just a barrage of bad news every morning. There was no central organizing hub, now realistic goals for listeners to work on. No discussion about solutions. This is what I find missing in all the talk out there. And when organizations like The Next System come along, I understand why. Solutions are not easily found or implemented. There is a lot of vision, and hardly any roadmap.

Add to that our collective amnesia about our constitution and our role as citizens, and you have a real recipe for dysfunction and chaos. Here is what I am getting at. If we do not begin a national dialog about how we as citizens can alter our form of government, then baby, just stop talking altogether, because things will not change until we the people organize peacefully to demand a more democratic system. All the talk in the world will not change things unless it is about political innovation and how people, you and me, can come together to modernize our political system.

For most, that will sound like a useless fantasy, and might I add, if that's how you feel then "they" have won. Creating a more democratic society is the heart of Bernie's campaign. But like the past, everyone is watching and listening, not acting, organizing, and creating a path to that society.

Now is our moment. If Americans do not see the forest for the trees, it will be everyone's loss and this time, the loss could be forever.

I do not want to sound rude, but wake up sheeple! We all know enough about the problems. Let's begin discussing solutions, so that when Bernie get's to the White House, there is a real solid plan to create the world he has been elected to build.

Does democracy begin with you? If so and you have not joined the movement to improve our constitution, then perhaps you're part of the problem and not part of the solution. It is that basic. Please see the proposal if you are interested in solutions. See it now. Please.

Respectfully, and in peace

John Mulkins



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