Every time you hear, “Mexicans are taking your jobs,” just remember that this statement, that I call “the big lie,” is coming from fascist corporations, and the politicians that these corrupt corporations support, who have been and are still getting tax write-offs for sending our jobs overseas and to Mexico.

If they are so worried about our jobs being taken by illegal aliens, why are these fascist corporate thugs so against labor unions, the very entities that protect our jobs from non-union workers that undercut our pay, our retirement and medical benefits? Before the labor unions were weakened by Ronald Reagan and his Neo-Confederate brethren, the unions kicked off any workers on all jobs sites that were not union members.

During the reign of Nazi Germany, Hitler’s propagandist, “Joseph Goebbels,” said, “tell the big lie often enough and people will believe it.”

At this time, there hasn’t been more of an income gap between the rich and the poor, not since over a hundred years ago. When you hear the right wing’s propaganda machine telling us that their “right to work” nonsense is a good thing, which should be called, “right to be slaved via slave wages,” just remember that it’s the fat cat fascist corporations that this kind of hogwash is coming from.

President Obama is trying to make a law that makes it so that corporations that keep our jobs and industry here in the United States will instead get the tax breaks, while our house speaker, “John Boehner,” constantly regurgitates his moronic question posed to the president, “where are the jobs, Mr. President?” Well, I’ll tell you where are jobs are, Mr. Boehner, they are where you and your Neo-con corporate buddies sent them, and that’s everywhere but the U.S.

Being that John Boehner and all his right wing fascist cohorts are subsidized by the American pie hogging corporations, nothing that comes from their lie filled mouths should be believed by the American people. The Neo-cons, just like the Nazis did, appeal to the lowest common denominator among us, which is hate and bigotry.

I appeal to the American citizenry, don’t let these fascist Neo-con pigs use you as puppets. Get wise to them and vote Democratic. Most importantly, VOTE!


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