This may come as a surprise to most people but not to anyone who is politically astute, has been paying attention to the political conversion of our constitutional republic into a privatized, corporate [fascist] one since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, or, like myself, is a prophet.

We are no longer a democratic, constitutional republic based upon egalitarian principles of democracy [as expressed in the preamble to our US Constitution] that provide constitutional protections to the people.

The Democratic Party is no longer [has not been for some considerable time] the party of FDR. It has been corrupted into the GOP [Greed Overwhelming Principle] and has replaced that party in America as the conservative expression of political policy in our democracy.

The former GOP has morphed into the GOF [Greedy Oligarchic Fascists] party and it no longer cares about constitutional government or individual citizen rights and exclusively concerns itself with the creation of a privatized corporate [fascist] form of governance in which the profit motive is the ultimate manifestation of “success” that supersedes every other consideration.

Satiating the GREED [Get Rich Eviscerating Everything Democratic] of the wealthy elite that created the original GOP and corrupted the Democratic Party into its successor by creating corporations to usurp and replace our constitutional democracy with a corporate fascist one, is the sole goal of this extreme, right-wing fascist party.

The party is over, folks. The Great Experiment in democracy is over, and it failed. The Reagan Revolution is complete. The non-violent [although not bloodless] coup d etat is finished. There are no longer any principled politicians in a position of power to protect the American people as our elected representatives from the greed of the wealthy elite.

The Great Depression II is upon us with real unemployment at 16% of the American workforce, and heading upward and onward until we are fully engulfed in a fight not for our constitutional republic but for our mere survival in a corporately owned and operated world in which the profit motive is the sole predicate upon which government is based.

When people have to focus all of their energy on survival, there is no time for investing energy in the political process to preserver or protect our constitutional republic. That was one of the primary goals of the Reagan Revolution, to so undermine the economic stability of the great masses of Americans that they would not be in any position to overcome the usurpation of our constitutional republic.

Neither party represents devotion to a democratically inspired constitutional republic dedicated to the preservation of the rights memorialized in the Declaration of Independence and codified in our US Constitutional as the Bill of Rights.

We are being privatized into corporate [fascist] governance that usurps and replaces our constitutional republic with a private corporate one dedicated not “to the proposition that all men are created equal” but devoted instead to the profit motive; to the insatiable greed of the wealthy elite.

It is ironic that greed so engulfs the wealthy elite because the quest for the acquisition of more and more material wealth leads to the most destructive behavior imaginable and insures that the greed driven quest is truly an insatiable one that creates such feelings of insecurity in those who lust after it, it generates greater and greater craving for it. This is analogous to drug addiction wherein the addict, once addicted to the drug, needs more and more of it merely to maintain a basic level of functionality that precludes the ability of the addicted person from focusing upon anything else other than the acquisition of the drug to stave off the destructive effects of withdrawal from the drug.

Driven by this greed the wealthy elite put the American people are put into the same category as any other commodity. Whether it is cattle, corn, cotton, computers or any other commodity, people are equitable to property in the corporate order of governance.

I predict [because this is more palatable to people than prophesy] that the Great Depression II will be fully upon us prior to the Presidential election of 2012.

It is inevitable that when social security becomes privatized the end will be very, very near. The abandonment of the American worker to a perennial, persistent position of poverty to promote the profit of corporations will signal the final chapter in the Reagan Revolution. When will a statue to memorialize Ronald Reagan be prominently placed in every major city in America? Everyone remembers those statues of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.


It is, alas, an inalterable fact that as a prophet I am honor bound to report the truth to the people regardless of the consequences to me personally. My prophecies are predicated upon my perception of the prostitution of our political process and our US Supreme Court [that with the Citizens United case declared corporations to have the same legal standing as an individual person]. The absurdity of such a ruling is obvious but neither shocking nor surprising given the prostitution of not only our congress, and Supreme Court but the US Presidency, too.

We can no longer rely upon our constitution to protect and preserve our republic. It is over, folks. We are living under the domination and control of the Military Industrial Complex warned against by Dwight D. Eisenhower [probably the last honorable GOP [Greed Overwhelming Principle] president in that political party].

We have witnessed and are experiencing the total usurpation of our democracy as it is transformed into a fascist state with all of the concomitant corruption that comes from a collaborative effort to convert America into a plutocracy controlled by a ruling elite.



Honey Thistle's picture
Honey Thistle 8 years 10 weeks ago

Someone gets it. I was hoping I wasn't alone. Thank you for posting JohnnieBoy. I just finished a blog I recently started on Deviantart that runs something along these same lines, and for kicks and giggles googled 'fascist oligarchy'. This entry of yours popped up, and I'm very glad it did.

In case you're interested, here's my blog. If not, that's ok too. Just thought you'd like to know you've made me feel less alone with the truths I'm coming to realize.

express's picture
express 8 years 10 weeks ago

Amen, JohnnieBoy. The Occupy movement is the only hope. Anyone here (truly) actively involved? So far there's one presidential candidate who appears worth considering: Rocky Anderson of the new Justice Party. Anyone paying attention?

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