This article states the problem, gives a 200 year proven world solution and with your consent goes the extra step and cleans up the whole mess. The problem; Libertarians are a small faction who have no understanding of the whole and the commons that belong to the whole as was taught in civics class. Without this education they seek to privatize the commons ( water, airwaves, parks service, health care, energy, stable weather patterns, breathable air ect.) Americans are cells pledging allegiance to this whole, symbolized by our flag, which is indivisible from our commons that we all need and are apart of. Whereas small factions without civics believe in the noble individual cell who cannot be coerced by a system put in place by the founders enabling the whole to vote in systems for the future security and happiness of the whole. (Solar, wind, bio-fuels, electric cars ect) These Ayn Rand followers cannot get separatists compensation from the whole, so in order to have the life they wish to pursue, coercion of their desires on the whole, is being implemented through their precinct committee men. (systems only work by including everyone) In privatizing our commons they symbolically burn our flag as the republic is one for all and all for one, we all contribute something to the party. All the good bills coming out of the house are being blocked by these cells upon themselves known as Tea Baggers. Our political problem is the desires of the few or the one (Charles Koch) out weighs the commons of the many. This is an insidious problem as they know the whole is tolerant especially if they slowly heat the water over thirty years. The few now have everything, creating all the problems that comes when the few are allowed by a corrupt government to create a chasm and suck all the life from the whole across the great divide. When this happens we are to refer to our Declaration of Independence.

OECD nations already implemented our Declaration of Independence with a proven global system of New Guards for their future security. Lets look closer at our National Treasure. When we the people/government see this usurpation (taking away the rights of the whole to promote the general welfare ) pursuing invariably (staying the course) this object ( Ayn Rand/corporate philosophy that factions cannot be coerced against their will by decisions of fair taxes for a sustainability by the whole.) When this object evinces a design that reduces the whole, then our founding fathers commissioned their progeny with a right and duty to give a nemine dissentiente (unanimous without dissent) consent to a new Crime Scene Nemesis Investigative agency (New guard) mandated to regard corruption only in our public sector (CSI sister agency operates in private sector) where crime scenes (torture) and revolving door of corporate leaders going in and out of our agencies, can be investigated proving this design of abuse. Then duty calls (in founders demand) that despots be thrown off from such offices for our future security, as is presently being done in 25 of the 34 OECD nations.

The hard lesson learned by these republics was that government of, for and by the people has no mechanism that can be installed into the wiring of government which will supply it with an automated memory. It is the nature of government to quickly forget to whom it is servile to. These people found they had to spend the extra funds above the costs of government, hiring CSNI agents to manually switch on these circuits with all department heads on a continual basis. These extra funds saved these nations trillions. These given instructions works the same way as putting a camera on a school bus works to keep the elected kids from misbehaving.

There are no detractors to this nemine vote as nobody can detract from a Parent/Patron protecting the progeny. ( Patrons are defined as those who free their slaves, special guardian protectors,) so with few exceptions (Eisenhower was honorary chairman of the American Assembly, a progressive think tank which debated this system) there can be no patrons within the republicans. Even soulless depredators (to engage in plunder, ravage, to lay waste, devastate large areas, implying violent cumulative destruction) understand this organic to nature need for the Parent/Patron/government to protect the progeny and their sustainable environment as they go in to end our way of life, (through mass water contaminating tar sand pipe line oil spills that come with the dumping of huge carbon clouds into an already over-saturated green housed atmosphere,) and walk off with an unmitigated killing. All depredators justify this killing by simply saying "We are Professionals" To counter C.S.N.I. agents say "So are we"

The people of these OECD nations give consent to leaders of their government and also commission an outside government investigative agency known as government nemesis Plenipotentiaries. When officials commit crimes these Investigators counter to maintain Bill Moyers speech on the need for balance. Ralph Nader and Bill Moyers, chosen, named and honored special guardian protectors are calling for this agency along with soon to be, every single person in the U.S. who investigates this global phenomena.

Progress report of implementing our national treasure. This bill has been drafted, lobbied, and with all good bills, stalled. The world has been adopting this system but republicans held view is that America is exceptional. So far only two States have adopted this system. We are working on getting a (C.S.N.I. Washington D.C.) pilot episode produced, much like Canada's TV series which brought a humanitarian armada of these officials (who investigate, report, bring indictments, bring recommendations, prosecute, take citizen complaints, and to Eisenhower’s few and stupid, hurl vituperatives,) into every province. In this way we hope to put added pressure to pass a CSNI funding bill at a time when all of government is dismantled. This may be due to our aggressive lobbying, to single us out would look bad better to block all bills, as our congressional kids do not want parents reminding them to take out the trash, they only do what they are forced to.

In conclusion Chris Hedges points out that all four estates of, by, and for the people have forgotten to whom they are servile to, believing for thirty years now that they serve the Depredators, who in revolving doors hold offices in our estates. Nature always seeks a balance. Along with all the groups working to restore an equilibrium (a state of adjustment between mentally divergent influences) we should also consider a well developed 200 year proven formula which is embraced by 39 governments to solve reoccurring political problems. These problems stem from periods of time and conditioning. Detroit citizens were angered with sales of foreign cars, now its okay. Hillary sees corporate lobbyist as constituents. We always need to remind them that this is not okay.

These civil servant Parent/Patron figures have in all this time no interest in power of office, only in unearthing hidden information and to patronize the bad elected kids. Our government is now held hostage with Barack asking for our help. These officials clear a path leaving no doubt as to Baracks intentions of fulfilling on his campaign promises. If after heavy J curve conditioning we the people come to see government as the problem then we are to instruct the New Guard to implement our alterations as voted on in 2008, getting this on the ballot for 2012.


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mrallnaturall 8 years 14 weeks ago

i am a long time friend and listenner.....tea party are nothing more than idiot finance by retard we must fing a way to stop them all!!

count onme

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