Paying health care for employees reproductive choices sticks in your craw if you entertain the conversation a fetus needs protection from mom wanting to abort. Everything is a conversation.......We are gripped by conversations, they have us by the throat. There is an exact correlation of our life and conversations we entertain, By giving up some bad grippers and adopting new ways of thinking our lives change to correlate our new paradigm.

We kill doctors in the name of God is a conversation. Our lives are filled with hate for keeping this grip on what seems to be reality, We will force this reality on you in order to save God's children from death. Or is there another reality ?

Esoteric wisdom is there is only the one and we are bound to everything in the universe like a wave in the ocean, we are the ocean seen from a waves viewpoint, we all make up the ocean or God Psalms 82 defence Jesus used for saying he and everything is the one.

One pattern making up simple and complex patterns from electrons around a neutron allowing needed communication or the whole dies (4th estate) Fetus is a complex pattern that should continue to grow in complexity given circumstances condusive to loving envirement or even difficulty, this is choice of mother who is one with everything, we are all one with the pregnant mother. We all have free choice given who and what we are, God wants for us what we want and if it involves a death of a living pattern (all patterns are God) then watch out what pattern of God you mess with. The pattern fetus is no different than the pattern cow, we are all patterns....gobbling up other patterns transforming God into the pattern of our bodies, giving thanks and acknowledging God for Cheeseburger to sustain us.

This blog is only a conversation that has no grip on anybody showing people there are other points of view other than those held in your reality. Vegetables also feel pain when you chew them, they are no different than fetus as there is only the one, God wants what you want and wants for mother what she wants, this is what God wants, it's all a matter of conversations we entertain.


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