BP is not a US company. Dubai is not a hometown. Neither are any other off-shore hiding places. Corporate interest is not our interest. Multinationals have no Flag. They have Logos. They pay unscrupulous citizens to act as their front and wave flags for them (to be passed out on the bus and picked up after).

Freedom means: Personal responsibility to act with Honor.
Hate is not Honor.
Poisoning our families, our food, our Land – our water – is not Honor.
Making a cheap buck at the expense of working families, is not honorable.

Seeing through the smoke and mirrors is Honorable – speaking up and acting now to defend what is left of the real dream of America – is both honorable and urgent. We are literally being torn apart, by those who would divide us -- turn us against each other, while we are robbed of our homes, our future, and the beauty and health of our Nation.

Each of us can make a stand -- by letting the paid-off shills in Congress know that they are done. This is America: of the People. For the People. By the People. And corporations – especially colonial profiteers – are not People – they are consortiums of predators. We may trust in God, we may trust in our fellow citizen, but we no longer trust lobbyists, multinational mega-corps, advertising, P.R., or bought and paid for media.

If you have ever seen the Gulf coast, surely your heart is breaking now. If you have not, what is worse? That you never did – or that you never will...? And this National Treasure lost for what? Not for “our security”. For what? That oil is going God knows where. The profits also. A quick foreign buck, for an eternal loss....

Enough. The real invaders have taken over our banks, our businesses and factories (off-shoring them and with that move, off-shoring their allegiances). They have ripped-off our resources, closed down our downtowns, and padlocked our own homes. Their P.R spinning media conditions us to look elsewhere for the threat; to other disenfranchised poor and ripped-off peoples around the world, some of whom have resorted to rage. That rage is real and it is dangerous. Just as the home-grown rage is dangerous. But -- amazingly enough -- there are actually those who profit from rage and disorder. It is those very forces that destabilize communities and nations and ecosystems that we must look to. The real threat, the real invasion is right here. It is in the oil and arms complex that is poisoning us at this very minute, as more of the Earth's black blood spills into the ocean seed bed of Life.

Who in Congress will stand up to them? Who among us will stand up and speak? The Tea Party is silent in the face of a real current-day British Colonial invader that is literally destroying an entire coast for decades – possibly forever. Where is our voice? Where is our will to be one Nation, united as a people – refusing corporations, that pose as “people”, that would divide and conquer us, rob us, pollute us?

I hear the heartbeat of our Nation tonight. Soon, I will hear Her voice united again – united against fake “Citizens United” groups, and for the real America. The America I know; of love, tolerance, mercy, justice, truth, equality for all -- with a level playing field for the hard working and honest among us, who for too long have had their good-hearted trust taken advantage of by ruthless, greedy parasites.



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