Kudos to readers and writers who do not need to read the following sentence:
This is not going to take one or two election cycles... it is going to take hundreds.
Feel your heart sink? Don't let it.
"Never Give Up. No matter what is happening. No matter what is going on around you -- Never Give Up."
-- H.H. Dalai Lama
Also: a big, heart-felt hug and thank you to all the wonderful teachers who made me see that uncomfortable truth: Thom Hartmann, Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Arundhati Roy (whose house was attacked this past Sunday, and who faces possible new sedition charges for her remarks regarding the occupation of Kashmir), Rachel Maddow, Randi Rhodes, David Barsamian, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz (yes, he is loud -- but it was about time someone got loud; any team would be lucky to have a linebacker like him), Norman Goldman, Mike Papantonio, Joe Kennedy, Jr., William McDonough, Kevin Danaher, all the marvelous minds at Green America, Jim Wallis and Sojourners, David and Fran Korten and YES magazine, Michael Lerner and Tikkun -- all working hard, busy birthing the new world. This is far from a comprehensive list... more people than we could ever name or know have spent every waking and many sleeping hours to educate the rest of us about just how complex, rich, and detailed this incredible process of planetary awakening is. It is not a blip on our blackberry, a day circled on our calendar, a text message from the Uni-verse. It is here Now and it extends in all directions and affects every aspect of our lives and all those we interact with.

This election, whatever its outcome, is still only the very beginning of a long process. The undoing of decades of embedding agents representing incredibly self-serving greed and power in every branch of our government, in our surveillance systems, in law enforcement and military, judiciary, banking, regulatory offices, and media means that it is not just the election of one man or one woman, one set of candidates, that we need to make happen; it is the reformatting of an entire approach to living, so that the dominant motive of the most influential elements of our society is not merely self-enrichment. Nothing wrong with wealth -- lots wrong with scrambling over the well-being of entire communities, entire nations, and the entire planet to get at wealth. And there is a whole lot wrong with doing just that very thing in the name of Jesus, or any other moral figure. Tragically, that usurpation is a big part of what is going on right now in the Big Picture. Check out: blogs.alternet.org/speakeasy/2010/10/30/we-put-our-foot-on-hawaii-we-will-rule-video-shows-gop-candidates-at-christian-supremacist-event/ and: www.alternet.org/news/141819/is_the_u.s._on_the_brink_of_fascism/

So many esteemed planetary guides have pointed out (see: Riane Eisler, Chalice and the Blade and The Real Wealth of Nations, Creating a Caring Economics; David Korten, The Great Turning; Thom Hartmann, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight) that what we are experiencing is the collision of worldviews -- not necessarily religious ones, not even political ones – but the most basic view of all: Do we live best by competition or by cooperation? Is the raiding and theft of resources and human labor a natural activity, or an unnatural one? Are we doomed to kill each other without even knowing each others' names? Or are we destined to learn those names and those stories, and weave those threads together? When Jesus said there is no greater commandment than loving God and our neighbors, did He mean only the neighbor identical to me? Or did he challenge us to face this destiny -- true global cooperation.

I have laughed 'til I cried to hear certain elements in our society explain that the solution to creating global cooperation is simply to exterminate, assimilate, and otherwise force a human-made stamp of uniformity on literally everyone; eliminate every thought, every way of living, every way of dressing, every understanding and insight that is not identical to "mine", to "our way" (whichever way that speaker identifies with). How does one confront such a kindergarten approach to the fabulously creative array of Life that the Creator has blessed us with? It is as though some oceanographer proposed the elimination of every fish from the sea, except for tuna. Bizarre -- were it not for the militant seriousness of domination theologies, co-mingled with preemptive political worldviews, and private equity aggression, all to be enforced by the growing number of mercenaries and home-grown terrorists.

One sees again, rising from the ashes, the Agora vs. the Colosseum; hears again the civil cords of discourse and the free exchange of ideas, vs. the ugly clang of weapons and shrill sadistic glee at discord and suffering. Of course it is not over. And it will not be over with this election, nor with the next one. We have embarked on a 100 year long shift from the dominator worldview into the re-emergent cooperative worldview; destruction vs. creativity; greed vs. the real wealth of a life well-lived, family and friends well-loved, a community well-served, and a planet well-appreciated and stewarded.

God/dess bless us all during these difficult and yet potentially amazing times. These are the end times for an outmoded, short-sighted, superstitious, and brutal way of viewing all Life -- and the beginning times of the future, of fulfilling the destiny that is encoded in our very hearts: to live together on this magnificent planet in ways that celebrate Her creativity and our own. In the Big Picture -- we have a long way to go; but at least we now know where we are going and where we have been. Time for tears and celebration later... now it is time for work. Urgent work -- beyond this election and the next one -- way beyond....


cgb9001's picture
cgb9001 8 years 37 weeks ago

HUNDREDES of election cycles? Seriously?

Is that what the conservatives said to themselves after '08?

Or '64?

j.sea's picture
j.sea 8 years 37 weeks ago

How long do YOU think it would take to shift national and local priorities from MacMansion mentality to healthy, fully functioning, human-scaled communities? How long do you think it will take to see every single "factory farm" closed and gone, replaced by fully operational, locally based, humane co-op farms? How long do you think it will take to actually remove every toxic chemical from our store shelves, our home cleaning closets, our water supply? How long will it take to see our inner cities and impoverished rural areas flourishing with creative, green innovative co-ops such as locally produced algae and vertical greenhouses? How long before education is something so geared to helping kids learn to think, and learn to innovate, and learn to create that they run to school? How long before higher education is available to all? How long will it take for our communities and our nation to evolve into the understanding that our role as leaders is to promote understanding and cooperation amongst ourselves, and among nations? How long to shift away from violence as an acceptable response to internal emotional pressure? Shall I proceed with the list of realities that I and others -- so many others - envision as not only possible but absolutely necessary for life on Earth to thrive.... possible, yes -- with hundreds of election cycles and a hundred years of work to kick it off. Sound reasonable? I appreciate very much that you took the time to read what I wrote -- time is precious -- and that you responded. Thanks. --j.sea

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