Please share this information. This man is a reliable and intelligent person, who is working to get the message out. What he discloses seems too good to be true, yes, but he is not a loose canon. He has had his relationship with his young son nearly destroyed through the court system in retaliation for his speaking out. That is what whistle blowers experience; destroyed relationships, financial devastation, and attempts to discredit and humiliate them, and if possible to take away their freedom. Please share this information with your email lists, and send to as many citizen support groups as possible.
Judith Pecho

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From: Walter Burien - CAFR1 <>
Date: Sat, Jan 5, 2013 at 12:31 PM
Subject: For Your Use - From: CAFR1 - Change the World one Communication at a time


There are many political action; human rights; religious; and social organizations worldwide with many having millions of members.

The following is a draft I prepared just for those organizations to use per educating their membership.

Please circulate the following to those organizations worldwide that you may be aware so they may be motivated to brief their membership.

As the government players know all to well, it is all about information management. We see their masterful use of information management daily to soundbite condition the population.

The following communication is designed for: We The People to exert a saturation of information management in the population's behalf, for their benefit.

Sent FYI and for your use by,

Walter Burien -

To: Whom it may concern:

Walter Burien has worked for 14-years to bring forward that taxation is not needed in the US or in fact Worldwide.

His website is:

A finance structure can be established in any country that utilizes investment return and contributions from government enterprise operations to replace the revenue source of taxation.

In doing so it creates a thriving economy indefinitely for the governments and population operating under this principle.

Taxation is and has always been extortion. It creates an environment in a reality scenario similar to giving a crack addict an unlimited supply of cocaine.

A review of local governments income (the take) over the last 25-years, say 1980 to 2005 in most cases shows a 2000% to 3000% increase in the local government's take while during the same time the populations income may have increased 100% to 140%. The disparity here is obvious and the end effect has been disastrous for all from the population.

Local and federal government collectively as of the year 2000 per gross income brings in more from investment return than all taxation collected.

1. Investment return is a revenue source.
2. Taxation is a revenue source.
3. Enterprise income is a revenue source.

Within any government structure #1 and #3 can be utilized to completely eliminate #2

The way this is done is through what is called TRF accounts (Tax Retirement Funds). Designed to do just that: Retire Taxation.

There is no greater importance than doing this. It positively effects every circumstance facing the world population.

For the last several thousand years, government administrations as they may be, have utilized their populations as a productivity resource to be drained and managed. This has never been a good thing nor will it ever be a good thing.

Under the TRF funding principle the most important aspect is that it changes the intent of government administrations from that of viewing the population as being a productivity resource to be drained and managed to that of wanting to see the population as wealthy and prosperous as possible.

The stronger the population's wealth base is, the more consistent and stronger the investment returns are funding government.

In all respects this creates a thriving economy, a steady and strong revenue generation for local governments, and a standard of excellence ever increasing for all within the population.

Taxation has burdened the population for to long of a time. It has created ever-growing systematic corruption in every government venue on earth. It is not needed and through application of the TRF principle it can be phased out and eliminated for all time to come.

What is required to make this happen is education of the mass population whereby the thinking and intent from one and all is to make this happen. All are now on the same page.

The roots of taxation out of primarily greed and oppertunity to tax run deep. In all respects the population has been utilized as an easy mark for subjugation and exploitation in this arena for centuries.

This is not just an issue. In all light with objective thinking applied it is "the" issue in which most of the world's problems stem from. It degrades the standard of living of all from the general population.

The poor, middle class and wealthy are significantly drained in all respects by taxation. The TRF principle of operation in funding government eliminates that drain while at the same time creating thriving and prosperous economies.

There is no greater gift that can be given at this time to the population of the Earth than the elimination of taxation and in resulting effect creating a stable and very prosperous economy for one and all forward from that point in time.

Again, education of the mass population is essential in making this happen. The principle of operation of TRF accounts is sound, proven, and urgently needed to offset the runaway train of taxation that is very evidently dragging down the world economies.

The runaway effect of ever increasing taxation in all light is leading to the social, economic, and moral collapse of the people's of Earth.

It is not needed and the train wreck of that runaway train needs to be averted before that train hits the concrete wall at the end of the tracks at 400 MPH.

That train wreck can be averted if the population and government administrations grasps the very positive end results that the TRF principle of management accomplishes for the population of the world in funding government operations without the need for any taxation.

Can this be done? Yes.

It is up to each and every one of us to make this happen. Again, taxation is very well rooted having led to massive corruption and excessive force and tactics used for its collection.

Is taxation smart money? No. It has evolved into racketeering of no equal on every level.

Is the TRF management principle smart money? Yes. In effect the TRF creates a prosperous population building their wealth in combination with a thriving economy for all time to come, without the need for any taxation.

Your organization, if you choose to do so can comprehensively educate its members as to the reality of this world changing proposition to end taxation for the benefit of every one of your membership and one and all worldwide.

Please call Mr. Burien with any questions you may have. His contact information is as follows.

Walter J. Burien, Jr. -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936
United States of America

Tel. (928) 458-5854



To update your information regarding getting email posts from Walter Burien - CAFR1, please use the following link:

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AngryGayCuban's picture
AngryGayCuban 6 years 41 weeks ago


Everything’s a scam in the United Scamming States of America. Many people are constantly trying to get over on someone else and everyone wants to cheat on taxes. I want to cheat on taxes too especially now that they are going up while the billionaires got a tax cut down to 20% for ever. Meanwhile, I have to pay more? And we want to scam each other because we have received our scam-training from the best and most experienced scammers out there: the government and organized religions. These two entities are forever and always taking our money. At least the church takes it under the guise of helping others who are less fortunate. But I’ve been driving and walking past many a fortunate sucker out there for years and they always stay homeless, poor and sick.

Where’s the money going to Mr. Pope? Maybe toward your wardrobe? And thank you Mr. Obama for fooling me. I want to check out of this society so badly and never vote again since I’m being scammed under Obama as I was under Bush and as I was by Clinton and most def, one of the originators of today’s horror economy, the Reagan monster. I have a special affinity for the Reagan monster since he couldn’t utter the words gay, homosexual or GRID and let thousands of young men die in the early eighties as well as the others he didn’t care about such as prostitutes and hemophiliacs. These people weren’t wealthy like the rich that caught Legionnaire’s Disease, and they went after that one right away. I guess I will vote in 2016. The idea that if I don’t vote may let the new monster, Ryan, in the Casablanca makes me cringe. But I wonder, even if the Dems are able to stay in power in 2016, what else from the working class and the poor will go on the chopping block? I often wish my parents had never brought me here from Cuba, where supposedly things are sooooo much worse than in the USSA. Except, last time I checked, I could have my phone conversations listened to as well as have my car, my home and probably my rectum searched at any time without a court order. However I digress and I’m happy they brought me here where I met my soul mate and life partner and that may have never happened in Cuba. Hell, I can’t even go visit Cuba because my partner’s a gringo and the can’t visit Cuba and spend the American dollar there…..and isn’t this what it’s all about?

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