My Story About Chemtrails Over Central Vermont

I had heard of chemtrails but never saw any until August 21st 2013. No doubt about it---- these were chemtrails! The plane did not behave normally and it was pouring out a trail of something (?) We were traveling south on route 100 between Hancock and Rochester,Vermont, when the plane was spraying right off to the right of us. The plane was higher than any crop duster would have been but not as high as commercial jets normally travel. Suddenly the plane took a quick turn and disappeared toward the west. When we arrived home about 7:30 PM I was surprised to see a plane (guessing it was the same one) on the south side of our property here in Bethel, Vt. The plane was just above our property tree-line and it was really spraying. It had a bright light on the front of the plane and it was maneuvering oddly, sort of diving downward with the trail behind it. I decided to notify our local authorities. I want answers: Who is this that is spraying? What are they spraying? Why? Who authorized this?

The next day I called the town manager of Bethel and he told me the following story: He was not informed of any spraying. However, he said it may be what was mentioned in the Randolph Herald on page B 10 in the August 22nd edition. It has a photo of these little blister packs of rabies vaccine which the USDA is dropping from planes on some areas here in Vermont this month. These are to vaccinate wildlife against rabies-----at least that is what is stated.

Now here is what I just don’t buy. If you saw the picture of these little rabies packs, a little bigger than the size of a quarter, dropping them out of a plane would not make all the thick smoky trails which I saw! No way! So if they were dropping that, what else were they spraying? Perhaps it was for mosquitoes; but they should let people know. And besides wouldn’t you want to know what they were using for the mosquitoes?

Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies control our USDA and have for quite sometime. So how in the world can we trust things being sprayed on us (approved by the USDA) that we do not know about? The USDA works for the corporate giants. I understand Monsanto is working on a seed that is resistant to aluminum. See the picture? Why would anyone in Vermont or anywhere else ever buy seeds like that? If your ground is poisoned with aluminum you would have no choice! There may be corporations almost as evil as Monsanto but none is worse. I have studied their history; and it is a trail of lies, deceit, corruption, control, mass murder, and dark secrecy. Because of all this that I have stated, more than ever people, have a right to know what is being sprayed on our lands, gardens, and into our waters . So keep your eyes open and report anything you see and demand to know what it is and who is the source.

This event happened on Saturday, August 24th. The sky was a mess over here! Around 11Am there were massive chemtrails over our yard and house! At 1:30 they were back spraying again. Two planes were out here. Nobody knows what they were spraying. I called the constable and he never heard of chemtrails. He “thought” it is for mosquitoes because of encephalitis. Gee, is there an encephalitis epidemic? Why don’t local officials know what is going on?

I have photos. Things are getting more and more complicated. Senator McCormack who lives in Bethel too got back to us. We have spoken three times today already. He contacted the Health Department here and they have no knowledge of any spraying at all. Zilch! He said usually legislators are informed of things even way less important than this. He knew nothing about this. Senator McCormack has not been able to find out who is doing the spraying. Is it a private company? The Feds? The military? Isn’t this getting weird? Monsanto???? Who knows? Spread the word on this. If the people in your area see these things, they need to call their legislators right away. They are weird formations. I could easily see the plane today but I don’t know what to call the type of plane other than a jet.

On Monday, September 23rd: My husband and I just returned early this evening from a trip to visit my daughter in New Jersey. While in NJ, we got to go on a large fishing boat out on the ocean. It was lovely. The skies were blue and sunny. Though we saw many planes, we saw not one chemtrail. Not one chemtrail the whole time!

We drove home through New York today, and again, the skies were blue and beautiful with big white cumulus clouds and no chemtrails anywhere. All was beautiful until a few minutes after passing the “Welcome to the State of Vermont “sign. Immediate difference! That dark, eerie, ugly sky with unusual black and white “weird” clouds! Not normal rain clouds at all. In fact it was not raining. We did not see any planes, but the results were there. The weird skies continued all the way through Rutland and here to Bethel.

Very ugly skies and happening more and more here in Vermont! I guess people are getting used to them, unfortunately. My husband and I have been traveling back and forth to Rutland two to four times a month ever since we moved here in June of 2011, because we have business there. We were there the day before leaving for Jersey. At that time I saw one of the ugliest, strangest skies I had ever seen in my life (over Rutland). Now at my age I have seen a lot of storm clouds, powerful storms, and unusual things; but these are different. I do not understand why people are becoming so accustomed to it that they just think it is normal.

I wonder how much stuff can be dumped here until people will start to notice they have trouble breathing. Something is definitely going on. There has to be some way to prove it! We love Vermont and it is very troubling to be aware of this.

I have been doing some research. Here are some interesting sites to review.


BRAINWASHED 6 years 4 weeks ago


You are right to be very concerned. If you can, take a few minutes on Wikipedia, and read 'Unethical human experimentation in the US.' There are more examples than those listed on Wikipedia, like the zinc cadmium sulfide releases in 1953 and 63. More people need to know, that we are just lab rats to Monsanto, the plastic manufacturers, and the military industrial complex.

Judy Persin's picture
Judy Persin 5 years 23 weeks ago

It is over 8 months now and the aersol dumping from jet planes is continuing over the state of Vermont! It has been a daily occurence for the last eight months; but in the last month (while the GMO lableing bill has been passing through the legislature and getting signed by the governor), it has gotten so much worse. On the way to the statehouse in Montpelier, on May 8th, the aerial display in the sky was bizarre. That was the day of the governor's signing of the bill. It appeared that "whoever" was doing the massive spraying was very angry. Various types of artifical clouds and sky crap were dumped, all shapes and sizes! We watched a lovely blue sky turn into ghostly white! That day it became very clear to me that Monsanto with their big invester Bill Gates is involved in this! But we must prove it! It is now 5 days after the signing; and the increased poisoning of all Vermonters and the environment here continues. It was another bizarre display today on the way to White River Junction. People, you need to realize that this stuff is going into your lungs and your bodies! And it is being dumped heavily! It is cumulative and in time will ruin, not only your health, but the trees, wildlife, and farmlands. Never fear! Monsanto has developed an aluminum-resistant seed! And why would that be? Why would that be needed? Well Monsanto bought Climate Control Company with airplanes within the last eight months!!! So while we are fighting and seemingly winning the GMO battle, I would say that Monsanto is protecting their interests by making sure that nothing will be alive here in VT unless it is their patented and very poisonous seeds. Wake up people! This is no joke!!! LOOK UP! It is happening. Have you seen these fake clouds for so long now that your mind tells you they are normal? Not so! When you see a spraying plane, watch the sky . These are not contrails! In two hours the blue will be all gone and you will have tons of toxic chemicals hanging over your head. And it does come down! I have watched it come down like a white powder over the tops of trees; and once in the Rochester area even had to drive through it.!

Go to http://

for comprehensive information on this subject. Demand answers now from your legislators. You have a right to know what is in your food? Of course! So do you not have a right to know what in the world you are breathing! This is nothing less than criminal activity at its worst. Get active. We have eveything to lose if we do not!

charsbewitched's picture
charsbewitched 5 years 18 weeks ago

I can't believe this popped up today, when I read it all I could think about was when I heard an air quality warning for this area last year. It struck me as odd when I heard the alert because Vermont and much of New England is rural and you only hear these alerts in big cities. I did take note of it and then today read this!! I was aware of chemtrails and all the things being done to us but when it becomes part of a persons own reality it is truly eye opening. Unfortunately unless every citizen of the world unite as one voice these evil corporations will continue to do as they please.

Hydroguy's picture
Hydroguy 4 years 24 weeks ago

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the spraying in central Vermont on 5/7/15 ??? I am fed up with all of the lies, can anyone help me seek out the truth?? I have watched them spray Vermont for years !!!everone thinks your a conspiracy theorist

ulTRAX's picture
ulTRAX 4 years 24 weeks ago

I tire of this nonsense. So pray tell... what "chemicals" are being sprayed over VT and for what purpose?

ddanl's picture
ddanl 4 years 24 weeks ago

hydro, i live in SoCA, we have been the major subject of Chemtrail spraying(at high altitudes).it all is a part of weather control.

mid-simmer 2014 the Pacific Ocean areas around Baja were causing predictions of an El Nino dumping massive rains in Cal. it never happened BC a Military Test of creation of TWIN Hurricanes, directed AT Hawaii. matter of Fact; NO hurricane had hit the Main Island, in 100yrs, much less TWO! just think of the Mathematical impossibility of this event.

i E-mailed this Info to a fellow 'truther'(guess that's what they call us to discredit), on a BRAND NEW Computer, as soon as i hit the SEND, my Computer just SHUT-OFF! Nobody can tell me why this happened, been through 5 IT Specialists to find an Answer that wasn't NSA, no luck.

as to WHAT is being sprayed: Coal-Fired Electric Plants generate (literally) Tons of highly Toxic Coal Ash, fine Powder that CAN'T be dumped...ANYWHERE. PPL researching Chemtrails started following hundreds of Rail Cars, to multiple Air Force Bases, that just happen to be the SAME Airfields the Jets that Sprayare ALSO BASED & TRACKED!

in early Jan 2015, i recieved Info that they were going to Irradiate this stuff, to make it disperse faster, making Trails sort-of Invisible, starting Jan 15. on that Date, i saw 4 jets, at night, with Glowing Chemtrails. seems not to have worked too well, as they went back to Original 'recipe'.

but, they DO have some Science behind them: we are now experiencing Magnetic Pole Shift, that made it to some Back-pages of News, & the Aluminum acts to 'bounce' Radiation, & it changes the Chemical composition of SOME Methane. PROBLEM IS: Venus...totally Cloud-Covered...but 900DEGREES on the Surface!

also, thiis Coal Ash, is used in 3D Hologram Tech, & apparently, is a 'Dessicant'; notallowing normal Rainfall by Chemically Drying the Clouds...thus, Calif 'Drought'

see if your normal rainfall IF we could do anything about IF...

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