Senator Sanders introduced the financial transactions tax (FTT) yesterday. The name will handicap the bill from the start. Dr. George Lakoff, a cognitive scientist and lingust, has written and lectured for years how the conservatives have understood the framing and metaphors of political discourse as well as implementing words to this effect to help destory the middle class. Progressive are naive in this as is demonstated by the name of the bill that Senator Sanders introduced yesterday. Why not name it something like the College for Free Act, CFFA, or the College for All Act, CFAA instead? The conservative will have the ammunition they need to defeat this bill simply because of the word TAX is in the bill. Uninformed people will be told by conservatives that this bill is a tax on their 401 for example, which is a lie but it willl not matter. The name and how the metaphor and framing is used is so important as Dr. Lakoff writes and lectures and progressives have still not understood this as well as the conservatives. Progressive should still name the bills truthfully and not follow the lying and deceiving practices that conservatives practice. Examples of conservatives deceit such and the Clean Air Act should have been renamed the Right to Pollute Act. The Forrest Initative Act should have been renamed by progressives as the Right to Clear Cut Act. And the Tax Relief Act introduced by George Bush should have been the Tax the Middle Class and Give it to the Rich Act. In closing, I hope everyone takes time to Youtube George Lakoff and listen to how the conservatives have used this politic tool to destroy the middle class, enrich the rich, and explain why people do vote against their own best interest through their deceitful ways that conservatives use framing and metaphors. This is too important to ignore. Anyway, go Bernie and I wish him the best.


Sam Rushing

Ouray, Colorado


douglaslee's picture
douglaslee 4 years 28 weeks ago

The Right To College Opportunity Act or RTCO bill sounds good. The Pentagon would like it because they recruit from the poorer red states whose residents are a little slower. Many red staters would signup for ROTC by mistake.

B47 4 years 28 weeks ago

Howie Klein ( is right.

Call it a Sales Tax.

Sales Tax is something almost everybody is familiar with.

Most people deal with many varieties of Sales Tax on a daily basis.

Tobin Tax, Transaction Tax, etc. mean nothing to most people: hear the eyes glaze over. Robin Hood Tax may sound good in England, but (paraphrasing Howie Klein) here it permits Them to hurl accusations of class warfare and play the victim.

Sales Tax on Wall Street is something almost everybody can instantly understand and say "I pay Sales Tax and so can they".

"Sales Tax" is what we need to say every time to make it succeed, whatever the formal title becomes,

justsam52's picture
justsam52 4 years 27 weeks ago

That is a great name Douglas. Progressives have got to learn the importance of framing and metaphors. The conservatives have outdone us in this area and have taken over much of the political discourse. If you have time, check out one of George Lakoff's lectures. He has taught cogintive science and linguistic at Berkley for over 30 years. Here is one of his lectures that explains what progressives need to understand.


Just Sam

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