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be_logical_not_... 31 weeks 4 days ago

Considering he's the ultimate a$$hole, in as much as bragging and boasting, constantly lying, and giving everyone else demeaning nicknames (think of any bully from your school past) I think he should be called Donnie Asshole (Also sounds like a Mafia nickname which goes with his leadership style and shady past)

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jwc3119 31 weeks 4 days ago

I was going for a nickname that rhymed more and could be used without being censored, but your nickname for him is right on too.

Monte2018montana's picture
Monte2018montana 31 weeks 3 days ago

How about Rump as a nickname? Rump Can't Hump, because he's Tweeting Twussy, the Pentagon's Wussy, the Fux News Pussy and Bannon's Tushy!

Would someone please write a derogatory song about Donnie Rump? What about a rock tune people could dance to? Should be an instant hit if it's done well.


jwc3119's picture
jwc3119 31 weeks 3 days ago


What about a parody of the song "Lump" by the Presidents of the United States of America? I'll have ago at it and maybe post it on Rocky Mountain Mike's.

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