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Health issues should have nothing to do with choosing the next president

The divide between the two major candidates positions on the issues is as big as the grand canyon. There are hugely Important issues that will affect quality of life for millions of Americans. The list is long, supreme court nominees, climate change, income inequality, healthcare, education to name just a few. These silly candidate health issues should not be part of the conversation or a consideration when deciding who to vote for. So, let's say something did happen to your candidater in office, who would be more likely to carry out the policies that are importamt to you, your candidates chosen VP or the opposing parties candidate. Your vote should be based on the candidate who shares your views on the issues and their party platform. All these crazy little side stories are great for the media and their never ending need to generate revenue. However, they are bad for America and do a disservice when it comes to helping voters make an intelligent informed decision in November.

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So you want to start a progressive podcast? These 10 tips will help you be successful

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Here are a few tips to the up-and-coming crop of progressive podcasters from somebody who's been doing it for around 15 years.