"Not even a month has passed since Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat, requested that the Chicago city council enact what he termed “temporary” and “one-time only” anti-protest measures in advance of the overlapping NATO and G-8 summits that will be held in the city from May 15-22. During a press conference held on January 4, Emanuel claimed that he “misspoke,” and that many of the proposed antidemocratic ordinances will in fact be permanent."

These are quotes from an article by Alexader Fangmann, entitled Proposed Chicago anti-protest laws to be permanent, and published yesterday.

"...Democratic mayors such as Emanuel have spearheaded efforts, coordinated with the Obama administration, to shut down, intimidate and stifle emerging social protests. The proposed Chicago ordinances, taken together, represent an escalation of these efforts..."

"...While the new laws were written from the standpoint of maintaining “order” during the summits, there can now be absolutely no question that the political establishment intends to use them against Occupy Chicago and any other protest movement or mass movement that develops.

Already, Rahm Emanuel and the CPD have made over 300 arrests of Occupy Chicago protesters, in attacks which are now widely acknowledged by the media to be the precedent for those that will be employed during the NATO and G-8 events. The justification cited for the Occupy Chicago arrests was the violation of “park closing hours.” Those attempting to protest near the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago were threatened with arrest for “blocking the sidewalks.”

Emanuel was installed as mayor of Chicago in large part due to his ruthlessness, which was deemed an essential quality for a politician charged with the imposition of substantial budget cuts and layoffs. Since then he has brushed aside numerous sit-ins and protests by groups whose perspective is to apply pressure on politicians.

On January 4 members of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization staged a sit-in at city hall to demand school reforms. Emanuel did not meet with the parents, students or teachers who participated, and who were told by police that they would have to leave by 5:30 p.m. or face arrest. When the protesters tried to come back for a second day, they were denied the use of folding chairs, placing additional burdens on some of the older participants.

As with all the other antidemocratic and reactionary measures being passed around the world, the source of Chicago’s new ordinances lies in the basic incompatibility between the agenda of austerity demanded by the ruling elite and the needs and desires of the working class..."


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Laborisgood 5 years 40 weeks ago

Democrats in Chicago are often out of step with the rest of the party. Let us always remember Richard J. Daley's quote to the media after the police were accused of hassling protestors at the 1968 Democratic Convention:

"Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all– the policeman isn't there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder."

Occupy Chicago has been very stifled to date. If Occupy ever gets Chicago cops to cooperate, then you have something to celebrate.

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Karolina 5 years 40 weeks ago

I guess historically Chicago is known for it's violence for over a decade....but it is a Democratic city isn't it?

Why are they acting like it's 1930 Europe?

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telliottmbamsc 5 years 34 weeks ago

Stuff like this is what made me leave the Democratic Party once and for all.

I'm voting Green Party or Progressive Independent from here on out. If there isn't one on the ticket for President in 2012, I'm writing in "Charlie Bukowski."

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telliottmbamsc 5 years 34 weeks ago

While I can appreciate Mr. LaborFist’s measured voice on the matter (Hartmann always couches something in terms of anti-violence when he wants his argument to be unimpeachable) it’s way past due time to smoke a little reality.

The most brutally effective Union Busting law firm in the country operates out of Chicago and if you think anybody can get elected Mayor of Chicago, much less Congressman, Senator or even President from Illinois without getting “exposed” to them you’re profoundly deluded.

And now comes the really bad news. I just received an E-mail telling me that Wisconsin GUBERnatorial Disaster Tom Barrett is going on tour with rahm emanuel

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nimblecivet 5 years 26 weeks ago

Here's a video of folks occupying a mental health clinic in the face of cuts to those services. Needless to say, its the lack of other services which drive a lot of folks to these places in the first place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MgGL9jKrbD0

I have to agree that voting for Obama or most other democrats is pointless. What's the difference? We are threatened by real evil with an evil that is more evil than real evil. Either way evil wins. Might as well at least make a symbolic act. I'm planning on voting either Green, Peace and Freedom, or Freedom Socialist. I know "socialist" is a loaded word, but we do have to have some form of law and order. Might as well put the women in charge. :)

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nora 4 years 27 weeks ago


I say this denial of free speech and participation, and removal of the ability to use public spaces for public purposes in a democratic republic is TREASONOUS.

Whose Chicago is it? The people who pay the taxes, or the Elite Few who hardly pay taxes at all?

Rahm Emanuel is a traitor, by the standards of, say, the 'Founding Fathers' for a start, since they put down these liberties and rights in writing!

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4whatitzworth 3 years 21 weeks ago

I'm with you on this 1 nora Not only traitors for enforcing draconian laws depriving us of our God Given, and constitutionally ratified rights, but also for allowing those who have subverted our laws & lied the American people into war, they murdered, tortured and raped, even children.... as Seymore Hirsh has reported.... but are allowed to go free and not be called to account for their crimes. Our black Trojan Horse wants to look forward, not back..........

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