I feel if President Obama makes same sex marriage the law of the land (It might be next) I feel he should have it done in the Oval Office; boardcast on the networks; have him as best man and Vice President Biden in attendance and have the President pay for it all. If he is indeed wanting this so such a long time. BTW, he decided this Surport after North Carolina voted and how much you want to bet dollars to dounts the Democratics will pull out and go to Chicago for their convention. Chicago Stadium has space open in September.


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DdC 5 years 22 weeks ago

The president doesn't make laws, Congress does. Even if he writes the template, Congress has to authorize it. Nixon lied and rammed the CSA through Congress but it was their stamp of approval that enacted it. Same reason a president can't overturn Congressional decisions. Also why the Supreme Court has become a partisan legislator deciding cases to benefit international interests over that of Americans. Why would anyone want a straight man to plan the wedding of a gay couple? When most straight couples prefer Gays to plan their wedding? If memory serves the first Continental Congress had no provisions for a president. It was too much of a reminder of a Monarchy. No American Kings! The only reason they implemented a President was to expedite mustering an army in case of attack. They felt Congress would deliberate too long and the country would suffer. The Commerce Clause gave the President power that was exclusively meant for states. The Patriot Ax, Higher Education Ax revision and Homeyland Insurance also expand the powers of the President, or should I say spokesperson for the Neocons New Weird Odor. So while the President can influence legislation and votes. It's our choice to make it happen. Or our choice to elect representatives serving our interest over international banksters and corporations.

The Nation of Apathetic Puppets

It's getting easier to steal elections due to the apathy of the voters. Not including the diebold, hanging chads or voter ID scams to disenfranchise citizens votes. We the people bring it on ourselves. Half of the population can't register. Half who can, choose not to. Half of that choose not to cast a vote. The half remaining that does vote is split down the middle. So in essence 1/16 of the population actually decides between dumb and dumber. If those not voting decided to get off of their lazy asses it's anyones game, including Ron Paul or Gary Johnson. Besides I have found democrats rally against republican fascism better than republicans do against democratic fascism. Neocon fascists gather support from republican lapdogs while democratic protesters tend to stay at home when its a democrat oppressing them. Like Klintoon did to the AIDs patients wasting away using Ganja. Bush 1 had headlines about one million homeless. Klintoon had no such headlines and doubled the homeless population. Busted more for simple possession than nixon, daddybush and rayguns combined. Inhaling or not. So kill your Cable's alphabet channels and Vote!

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Katshores 5 years 22 weeks ago

If you havent notice in the beginning of his term he used quite much the Excutive Order so who knows with Obama. Remember he wanted health care in his first two years because he had super majorites in both houses. As for now the House passed 13 bills with surport of the Dems and Republicans; but the senate under Harry Reed he only passed 3. And remember Under the Former Speaker they really never passed a Federal Budget as required by law and the Republicans brought it up then, the Press (Obama's cheerleaders) spoke that the Republicans cant do that. What "Its been over a 1000 days and we dont have a federal budget" thats wrong?

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The America I Knew Has Almost Disappeared

Like an alcoholic family that won't discuss alcoholism (and proving Don Quixote's warning to never mention rope in the home of a man who's been hanged), far too many Americans are unwilling to acknowledge or even discuss the ongoing collapse of democracy in the United States.