Its said that if you provide a good deed the people will remember you and help you in the long run.

The progressives in this country are so worried that the people who don’t have Ids wont be able to vote; why not the Progessives hire union bus drivers to drive union made buses and take these people who don’t have a ID or a birth certificate to that place and get it! Here they are free, if not, let the local Progessive millionaire or party member pay for it.Maye the Union can do it; they are using Members money on Progessive members of Congress without their say so of those in the Union who pay monthly Or they can bring these portable ID vans to senior centers or Park Districts or Fitness Centers or Libraries to get it done. Here those who don’t have it will have it and who knows they (the politician) can show they work for their people.


Lynn2009 5 years 14 weeks ago

Actually this a better idea than you know. it is incredibly difficult to get to the DMV when a person has no way to get there. During the election season, there are plenty of canidate distribution offering to give a ride to the polls for anyone not able to get there...but at other times rides not easy to find...

I'm from WI, the state with the lovely scott Walker pushing voting restrictions...also the state that loves their breweries. Think Laverene and Shirly fame. We have higher than the national averge OWI and alcohol related crashes because of that. To prevent resiticions on alcohol consumption, the alcohol industry has established a free ride program, for anyone that feels to empared to drive home after a night out.

We should have something like that so anyone could get a free ride to get voter id at any time during the year, unrelated to whether its an election year or not..all the tme, standard. If these votor supression laws continue to go into effect.

Personal experience. 8 years ago i had a health issue that made it difficult to stand ,walk and also just overall unsteady. Bummer is it happened a month before my 8 year DL renewal came up. I really was incapable of driving at the time & didn't want to do it---but I did want to be given time for my health condition to resolve before i surrender my DL...and i was actually good to drive short distance at slower speeds to things like grocery store, doc & hospital.

DMV let me keep my DL for those reasons, after i repassed a written and road test and got doc permission...GIVEN I WAS NOT CAPABLE OF DRIVING TO DMV AND WALKING FROM A BUS STOP WAS VERY DIFFICULT IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE GETTING TO THE DMV WAS VERY would be great if we had a standard ride program to get voter ID's, ilke we have free rides for drivers impaired by alcohol . Free Ride to get voter ID should be standard at all times in any state with a votor suppression law.

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Katshores 5 years 14 weeks ago

Something to smile about....A Republican State House of Representative wanted to trim the voting rolls to all those who are died and not around anymore (those who moved out of the State of Illinois) the Democratic control House Speaker Michael Madigan (for the last 21 years) spoke out that it wasn’t a good idea because those who live in a other state have the right to have dual citizenship and have the right to vote and those who are died he spoke “You cant do that because you might offend their-(those who are died) living status”

Lynn2009 5 years 14 weeks ago

My thanks to you Kat and your state, for housing our 13 run away senators when we needced them to be away for a while so they could not be forced to be present for a vote. Thanks. From what i have heard the people of IL were very pleasant during their stay.

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