Thom: tdday a caller asked what we could do to promote the agenda of the democratic party. Well,;for the past years, my wife and I have been driving around the country with political stuff written on our car in "Grease Pencil". We just finished a trip to Lowvillwe NY for a wedding and traveled about 1300 miles with slogans written on our car.

On the hood in mirror immage is "Throw out the Republican Saboteurs, vote democrat.". Also "Don't Act, Don;t Vote, Don't Bitch.. On the passenger door. RWS Beirut Embassy 1984, 50 dead, Marine Barracks, 299 dead.. Benghazi??? wtf Rear passenger: "Are you a Fox Fool?? Driver's door Dinero no es habla' and Jesus was a democrat --the GOP is not Jesus. On the rear driver's door "SCOTUS needs change we hope". And the rear bumper "Abandon your grand old partyy, they left you in 1980, Vote "D"., Also, give the world a Koch in the box, RI$.

I have ;yet to see a vehicle so marked, or marked at all. Keith


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DHBranski 5 years 30 weeks ago

I think the real issue is that so many of us don't agree with the Democrats' agenda and the (media) liberals' "Middle Class Only" agenda/continued "war on the poor." America's poverty crisis grows wider and deeper the longer we ignore it. Not everyone can work (health, circumstances), and we simply don't have jobs for all who urgently need one. Low-wage workers are a single job loss from losing everything. You can't get a job without a home address, phone, bus fare. With the latest budget, Dems voted with Republicans to cut food aid to the elderly, disabled and working poor. Again.

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