I awould like to ge some folks to read the below statements and tell me how to answer these ideas.

I guess they realize if it's the volcanic activity causing global warming just like the last billion years then they can't use it as an excuse to grab money and power. Do you remember how they said it was becoming an ice age in the 70's and they wanted to dump black soot on the ice? The answer was money and control. If the answer wasn't always money and control I might start to believe the government.

I've also wondered how much impact occurred from the burning of the oil wells that Saddam did. Once again no mention of that either. Of course during the burning they constantly talked about how it was going to change the world's climate. Yet now it apparently didn't have any effect?!! Money and power.


Ron Phelps's picture
Ron Phelps 2 years 25 weeks ago

I recall the 70's and remember the gas lines. I remember the upsurge of small economic cars from Japan and Europe. I remember picking up a book on living energy free as the subject was popular. Talk like this threatened an industry's easy street existence. So what could counter this growing opposition to growing their wealth? That was for paragraph 2.

As far as Saddam's having Kuwaiti oil fields burned and harming climate. Yes it did! But those fires are out. So are those ISIL set ablaze when pushed from the oil fields. The wildfires world wide do the same as well. But if you saw a satellite image of heat sources from the burning methane from the fields, there is a huge spot around the North Dakota/ Montana border. And this is continuous! The contributions to climate change is either involuntary or voluntary. And the latter, cumulatively, is greater and needs thoughtful mitigation by us all.

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zapdam. 2 years 25 weeks ago

Kuwait was in bed with Western thieves who were caught by Saddam slant drilling under the Kuwaiti border stealing Iraq oil. The US knew the truth, but of course used the moment to create an overwhelming live live time military exercise,political points for George HW Bush, the SOB and in turn stimulate the US armament industry. The few hundred thousands Iraqi deaths in 1991 were the cost of America doing business, dirty business . Who really knows who set those oil fields on fire, probably Saddam, pissed because he'd been played as a stooge by America.

As for 1971 and the oil embargo, I remember those times also, the push to move everyone into fuel efficiency, the Detroit gas guzzlers were becoming dinosaurs. I also remember President Carter talking about conservation, energy self sufficiency, putting solar panels on the White House, had we all listened to him or had he not been cheated of his second term by Reagan's treason, we might be in 2017 in a completely different world. I also remember Reagan's first order of business after stealing the presidency in 1980 was to remove those solar panels and wipe all talk of energy efficiency.

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zapdam. 2 years 24 weeks ago

Trouble now is facts no longer have any meaning when you're faced with right wing cult members

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