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If you listen to the Obama administration, certain pols and the rhetoric of those associated with a certain previous administration, you would think Wiki Leak releases were the end of the world. Assets will dry up. People killed. Intelligence turn senseless, deaf, dumb and blind.

Of course we’ve heard this all before with the Pentagon Papers and other Wiki leaked leaks. In fact the Bush administration was good at turning this kind of thing into all about whomever leaked it, or even about if it was the original document. Never you mind if it varies not one iota from the content of the original: the wrong font means it has to be all bogus.

This is the new mindless “standard.” If it endangers the powers that be; might expose their evil doings, their incompetence or that some situation is damn near hopeless, then the most important thing is the secrecy. If releasing something provably endangers assets, actual lives, but it’s politically convenient for an administration to release the info: even if that release is done in a way that’s highly selective and skewed… well that’s okey dokie.

What do I mean by that last sentence? If you haven’t figured it out yet, be patient. I’ll get there in a moment.

I’ve heard all the angst, especially amongst the usual right wing shills. The owner of Leaks “should be arrested.” Of course he’s not American, and what he did is legal where he lives. I’ve even heard the demand he be assassinated. Groovy. We scream there are boatloads of provable WMD to invade a country. Did they sink into the sand? We claim waterboarding, putting a hood on a captive and attaching live wires, children being raped in front of their parents, sexual humiliation and locking people into hot trailers until their dead, dead, dead, are all “interrogation methods.” How far shall we continue down this urine yellow path to The Land of “It’s Moral Just Becuz We Sez So?”

Of course then there are the E-mails that have CIA agents and such yapping about allies in unfavorable ways. God knows they think we only worship the ground they walk upon and spread nothing but posies over them with our words. Well, except the government official who laughed when asked about this and said, “You should see and hear what we say about you!”



Let me back off for a second. You know, I haven’t read all that has been released. Maybe there’s information here that will get people murdered, sacrifice assets, destroy lives. When I consider this fact I start thinking about another case of where information was released. You know, I could be very, very wrong. If “Mr. Leaks” was an American, knowing the true content of all this might change my mind and consider him a traitor. Again: if he were an American.

So I’ll make a deal with all those so angry over this, especially those with the power to make this happen. Arrest those who exposed Valerie Plame and tried to destroy her and her husband. No sacrificial lambs this time that will be available to the intentional catch and release program, presidential style. All of them: especially Mr. “Fair Game” and one surly columnist. Or assassinate them, if you insist. Personally, instead of that, I would rather you do what was never done: a full blown trial with no mercy shown for all involved. No judge shopping on the part of anyone to get the results desired. No fake, reluctant, prosecutor searching for a means to Scoot-er his way out of his duties. I’ll even offer evidence: it was claimed by them Valerie was never undercover. Yet she and the CIA Chief at the time testified, in court, that she was. Part of this deal is that you either have them both tried, in a fair and open to the public trial, for perjury: same conditions apply, or admit to your own perjury and attempt to cover your traitorous actions.

Of course none of this will ever happen. She wasn’t lying. They knew that. They were lying and betraying their country. We know that. But my guess is no one even in the current administration is willing to take that deal.

So excuse me if I don’t follow ya’ll into Wackyland over leaks. Frankly, until they really go after the Un-Americans who betrayed their country by exposing Valarie: no BS this time, I won’t believe a damn thing they claim about Wikileaks.


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

©Copyright 2010
Ken Carman and Cartenual Productions
All Rights Reserved


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