I find little to no credibility when it comes to those who think the Russia/Trump investigation has "gone on too long." Compared to what? Clinton was constantly investigated starting back when he was governor in Arkansas; but if you just talk about his presidency there were multiple investigations and multiple investigators. The investigation that brought Nixon to that infamous resignation moment was longer. Various Hillary, and Obama birther BS, investigations were longer.
And I have even less patience for the claim.
 All I hear underneath it all is that constant whine from the right when it comes to anyone who dares question those who they deem politically correct, or at least politically very convenient to their agenda. That makes me wonder if the whole intent here: regardless of any crimes or impropriety, is to stop it because it's politically inconvenient to furthering their agenda and nothing else. Certainly not anything good for the country: in fact just the opposite.
 We've been here so many times before and failed close to every time to hold damn near anyone accountable. And the few we have held accountable are pardoned by those most likely to have ordered them to do what they did. We convict the getaway driver but never charge the robbers.
 Those who simply demand it stop are so insistent, their reasoning so flawed, my guess is I'm often arguing with bots and trolls. Here's are just a few of their bogus arguments: America has interfered with the affairs of other countries many times, including their elections. Because of what Hillary supposedly did to Bernie. Because... blah, blah, blah... we should stop the Russia investigation.
 So let's use this "reasoning" elsewhere. You know there were a lot of bank robbers in the 20s, train robbers in the 1800s and gun slingers killing others for fun, for money, to terrorize small towns... so shouldn't we have just stopped trying to enforce the law? The answer should be an emphatic, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 Why should we? It makes no damn sense, unless of course to those who want to enable bank robbers, outlaw gunslingers and election fraud.
 When I typed "little... credibility," I meant it. History is full of bad actors: especially us, but they're dead wrong about the solution. Their solution is no solution at all: it's more encouragement. It says, "Go ahead, do it again: no justice will be served."
 The simplest solution would be doubling down on this investigation then, once it's done, use it as a precedent to address historical wrongs. The more complex solution, the more difficult, the more fair solution is to keep widening the scope of the investigation, add more investigations: whatever it takes. As some of my generation used to say, "Let it all hang out."
 Yeah, I know, the phrase made me cringe even back then, but in this case it works to describe what I mean. If you really believe we should drop it all because of (blah, blah), please ask yourself...

  "When will we hold them accountable?

 If nothing else: including Russia, we need to add the question... "How compromised have our elections become?" If nothing else I think it obvious that "Help America Vote" did the exact opposite of the intent. Perhaps it should have been named, "Help America Vote Results Skew Whatever Way We Want It To."
 Perhaps we could use the South African Truth Commission model, but I have a problem with that. I think we're way beyond the point of forgiving so much, and letting go of all that has 'passed under' our historical 'bridge' has been the biggest part of the problem. The more we let pass, the more we forgive, the more nonsense happens. This why Reconstruction failed and, as bad as slavery was, the result was worse: southern states developed prison systems run by former slave owners, populated by former slaves put there by corrupt judges. Not completing the count in Florida led to more comprised elections. No justice for those lynched led to more racism, more Antisemitism, more sense of white privilege. Interning the Japanese led to even worse treatment of those accused of even remotely being connected to terrorism. And in one of the worst results: putting the original Americans in concentration camp compounds called "reservations" was admired by one German dictator and inspired him to build his own concentration camps. I think his name was something like Adolf?
 So much to atone for. So the supposed answer is to drop 'the ball...' again? Why anyone would think, "Because this horror happened," even remotely passes as a reason to, once again, pass on pursuing the next travesty? We are where we are because we have so often passed on pursuit. This is why so often there's no rule of law except for peons. What we laughingly call a justice system is intentionally skewed to be that way: bankrupt your family, your friends or plea guilty to a lesser charge. If at the first pass the state doesn't getcha it's pursued in civil court: double jeopardy be damned. The powerful, those at the top? Oh, let's drop it!
 Even if Donald Trump, and those who enabled him, escape justice at least we tried. Trying sets a precedent to try again, and we have a chance to address historical wrongs. So I say, either after Mr. Mueller is done, or while he's still investigating, to paraphrase that great statesman, Buzz Lightyear...

 "Expand to infinity and beyond!"

Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses, that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
©Copyright 2018
Ken Carman and Cartenual Productions
all right reserved


Coalage3 35 weeks 3 days ago

From Melissa Mackenzie: https://spectator.org/cohen-raid-mueller-madness/


Many from Mueller on down believe they are doing God’s own work by investigating Trump and following the trail to wherever it leads, even though it’s leading away from Russian collusion and into the Siberia of business sleaze. They are going to cleanse America of this Trump stench, by God, and nothing will stop them, not even attorney-client privilege. Even if skating close to the edge of the law tosses all the evidence, the investigation will so mire the president in legal minutiae that he won’t have time to enact his mandate… and he did have a mandate. Everyone but his voters exhales in relief: the no-mind buffoon can get nothing done. Hallelujah!

As Andrew McCarthy rightly points out, even something as stupid and trivial as a long ago ham-handled porn-star payoff can result in big trouble for a President. This is obviously true. A wrong doing, no matter how small, can spell the end for a politician with salivating prosecutors circling. But drops of truth in an ocean of deceit and corruption tend to get lost in the bigger truth: the system that allows for this kind of destruction and ignores the toxic system creates a populace who lose faith in the institutions that ostensibly seek truth. When the institutions are compromised, their elevating a small truth to cover for their big lies fail.

Trump voters and even fair-minded middle-of-the-roaders consider the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton and wonder at the double standard. She and her team smashed phones and computers to bits after the evidence therein was subpoenaed. Oops. Hillary Clinton and her chief minion Cheryl Mills claimed attorney-client privilege when Mills, herself, was under investigation for obstruction. Did Hillary answer any of the FBI’s questions? We don’t know as they didn’t record the session. Oops. And then, classified emails showed up on Hillary’s assistant’s husband’s computer who is in prison for pornographic interaction with a minor online. Has the Clinton Foundation or Huma Abedin’s home or Hillary’s bathroom been no-knock raided yet?


rs allen 35 weeks 2 days ago

About the american spectator:


Coalage3 35 weeks 2 days ago

Hillary-Clinton Foundation was not raided because HC is a member of the clique in good standing. Just ask John McCain, or Lindsey Graham. She is one of the fascist democratic elite. Even if she is guilty of many crimes, she can't be convicted. What a joke the democratic party has become.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 35 weeks 1 day ago
Quote ken carman:

 Even if Donald Trump, and those who enabled him, escape justice at least we tried. Trying sets a precedent to try again, and we have a chance to address historical wrongs. So I say, either after Mr. Mueller is done, or while he's still investigating, to paraphrase that great statesman, Buzz Lightyear...

 "Expand to infinity and beyond!"


Wait "...'til the fat lady sings." "It ain't over 'til it's over"...and other wise sayings. I've my toes crossed. Mueller won't cave. The case against Trump isn't simply trumped up. Trump will be trumped. Ryan won't rerun. The rats are leaving. The repug's ship is sinking.

gumball's picture
gumball 35 weeks 1 day ago
Quote Coalage3:

Hillary-Clinton Foundation was not raided because HC is a member of the clique in good standing. Just ask John McCain, or Lindsey Graham. She is one of the fascist democratic elite. Even if she is guilty of many crimes, she can't be convicted. What a joke the democratic party has become.

Not only that but her campaign actually went to Russian intelligence to get "dirt" on Trump. And the media is focused on Trump "collusion"? That one I can not figure out.

rs allen 35 weeks 1 day ago

hahahahahahah. Who cares? Investigate the clintons yet again if that's what suits your fancy. Maybe you'll actually get them this time. Shrug, who cares?

Meanwhile back at the ranch, that petty gangster trumpkof is going to find that firing comey the worst mistep he's ever taken.

Coalage3 35 weeks 1 day ago

Pretty simple...where are the collusion charges against Trump? Mueller is apparently going to indict everyone who has ever worked for Trump except for Trump himself. And Trump can fire the FBi director for parting his hair the wrong way.

Mueller is also trying to get Trump to fire him. I don't think it is going to work.

They may eventually get Trump on something. It will have to be something business related because nobody cares about the personal stuff. Bubba Clinton taught us that lesson. "They" is the Washington establishment...repubs and dems alike. But he won't go down without a fight. This whole debacle says a lot more about the stink in Washington than any odor coming from Trump tower.

rs allen 35 weeks 1 day ago

For once you're right Kiddie Koal Kar, Mueller is going to tear that shmuck trump's life apart. And he deserves it. Through my life I've met street hustlers, drug dealers, various gang members and mafia dons, and all of them had more smarts, were more stand-up guys and honest than trumpkof. He's stiffed too many of the wrong people.

He's toast. The punk will be lucky if he isn't convicted under the rico act........or poisoned by a king pin.....wink, wink. Get it?

Coalage3 35 weeks 1 day ago

I get the fact that Mueller has to find something or people like you will lose your mind. For someone who has stiffed the wrong people, Trump seemed to be doing just fine until he beat Hillary. I guess she was the wrong people.

rs allen 35 weeks 1 day ago

Uh huh, whatever you say kkk.

trumpkof was doing fine laundering various russian cartel money to keep his head above the poverty line right enough. Or did you buy that good businessman BS because he played one on tv? Or are blinded by the glitter from the faux gold facade made of brass and chromium alloy he garishly paints his name with?

Get your head out of the sand, try reading a bit of what donald was, is and always has been. A schmuck that wouldn't know straight up if the sun was shinning.

Besides I would think your likes would be very pleased with pence, he's possibly even more reactionary than you.

Coalage3 35 weeks 23 hours ago

Whether he was a good businessman, or not, is irrelevant. After all, Truman was a failed businessman. Nobody cared too much about Trump until he became president. Did you ever think about the Donald prior to him running for the office? Of course not, and neither did anybody else

But, he beat Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. And he did it by not being politically correct. That wasn't supposed to happen. Hillary was the anointed one...the goddess of the democrats. Only problem was that she was a lousy candidate and the democratic party was too stubborn and too stupid to realize it. And now, all of those disappointed supporters (dems and repubs alike) just can't stand the fact that the Donald won, and is sort of rubbing their faces in it at the same time.

Despite all the bluster, your life hasn't changed one bit with the election of the Donald. Despite all of the media hype, the economy is still doing fine, there has been no war with Russia, or NKorea, or Iran, or China. No wall has been built on the southern border. No one has lost any govt. benefits. The fact is, unless you are an illegal immigrant, your life has not changed at all since Trump was elected, and he has been in office well over a year now.

If the Trump administration has really done something that has affected your life on a personal level, then lets hear about it. Tell everybody here what the Donald has done to you. But be specific. All I have heard from others on this forum is a whole lot of maybe's, and what if's.

rs allen 35 weeks 22 hours ago

Sue, is there any way the site can demand prove of age and winnow out the 12 year olds?

Coalage3 35 weeks 19 hours ago

Ha Ha that's a great response RS. You are a real funny guy, in a strange sort of way.

Now, tell us all how the Trump presidency has specifically harmed you. This should be real easy for you considering how awful you say he is.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 35 weeks 15 hours ago

Neither Hitler, nor Idi Amin nor other vile people specifically harmed me. But they harmed many others. Does that matter? Is it "Fuck you, Jack, I'm OK."? Has Trump harmed others? Yes. Will he harm still more? Perhaps many Syrians? More Mexicans? Should I care? I do.

"For Whom the Bells Tolls"


John Donne (1572-1631), Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation XVII: Nunc Lento Sonitu Dicunt, Morieris:

"Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.


No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee."

Ernest Hemingway helped to make the phrase commonplace in the language when he chose to use the quotation for the title of his 1940-published book about the Spanish Civil War. Hemingway refers back to 'for whom the bells tolls' and to 'no man is an island' to demonstrate and examine his feelings of solidarity with the allied groups fighting the fascists. There was a strong feeling amongst many intellectuals around the world at the time that it was a moral duty to fight fascism, which they feared may take root world-wide if not checked. This view was given voice later in the well-known poem First They Came for the Jews, attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


Coalage3 35 weeks 2 hours ago

Okay then...you tell us who Trump has harmed since he became president. Like I said, unless you are an illegal immigrant, and even then it might not be any different than it was under the previous administration. The key word in my sentence being illegal.

Trying to compare him to Hitler and Amin tells me already that you are just grasping for some kind of response. Try to do better.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 34 weeks 6 days ago

Let’s see if I can get this straight. First you steal, by force, a family’s home, killing many of its members in the process. Then, when the surviving members of that family triy to get back into their home you slam shut the door, jail or kill them.

Did you know that until 1848 California, New Mexico and other portions of the Southwest were internationally recognized provinces of free Mexico, until the U.S. decided it wanted those provinces, declared war on Mexico, and stole them?

The US "Southwest" was stolen from Mexicans ...

261 Responses to The US "Southwest" was stolen from Mexicans. ... to take over the land when U.S ... U. S. and Mexico were taken by force from ...


The History Guy: The U.S.-Mexican War (1846-1848)

History Guy: The U.S.-Mexican War ... sought a war in order to seize large tracts of land from ... designed to seize control of northern Mexico and force an early ...



The U.S.-Mexican War—(1846-1848):

The Mexican-American War was the first major conflict driven by the idea of "Manifest Destiny"; the belief that America had a God-given right, or destiny, to expand the country's borders from 'sea to shining sea'. This belief would eventually cause a great deal of suffering for many Mexicans, Native Americans and United States citizens. Following the earlier Texas War of Independence from Mexico, tensions between the two largest independent nations on the North American continent grew as Texas eventually became a U.S. state. Disputes over the border lines sparked military confrontation, helped by the fact that President Polk eagerly sought a war in order to seize large tracts of land from Mexico.[UNQUOTE]

PBS did a splendid documentary on the most unjust war:


And Israel has learned from its bloody mentor. Take, by force, whatever you can.


APRIL 13, 2018

When Zionism Rubs Up Against Reality


Today the u.S. has a frighteningly unpredictable psychopath as president and a largely dumb and passive public. Wholesale disaster around the corner?

rs allen 34 weeks 6 days ago

12 years of age is cerainly an arbitrary number I rather picked out of thin air because I really have no idea at what age one 'is supposed to' start realizing a world beyond their own self centered interest. Perhaps someone that has had and rised children could answer that. But I think I may have picked up the 12 years idea from either Chomsky or Hedges maybe some one else, but it was opined that the emotional age of america was around 12 years old.

As side note I have an on line friend that has speculated that there's certain periods within a young life that are developemental time limits on when various human attributes can be absorbed and readily learned. Hmmmmm. Maybe more true than not.

Any ways, back now to how to talk and teach a 12 year old.

What's legal and what's right are really most often two different things and particularly in what is america. That's not to say what america has become, but what it always has been from the beginning. Alberto brought up the Mexican american war, consider before that the genocide of the Indian nations from sea to shining sea. Which by the way are peoples still losing land to the great white way. Who made that legal? Who made that right? Consider the black put in chains and dragged far from from homes and family to build the fortunes that white america still benefits from today and yet who are still marginalized, segregated and intentionally left on the side lines of this 'great american dream'. And it's all still legal but is it right?

Who made these rules? Who decided what is legal and not? Who decided that israel was legal? Who decided that people fleeing the messes of america design such as Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico were illegal? Not to mention now the entire Mideastern region and sub-saharan nations newly turned to rubble. Who made this right? Who will? Who holds the bill due for all the wrongs done?

How does one talk to a 12 year old?

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 34 weeks 6 days ago

Thanks, rs allen, for another fine comment.

So much in today's world is not right. But who will right the wrongs? Trump isn't the only rotten egg. The public is largely dumb and passive, and there're no brave, charismatic, intelligent, honorable leaders in sight.

Coalage3 34 weeks 6 days ago

Oh please. Then I expect Alberto to slam every president since 1848.

Who decided that Israel was legal? The United Nations.

If you don't like the laws, then vote someone into office who will change them.

Is that the best you can come up with? I asked you to tell all of the posters here how the terrible Donald Trump has harmed you. Want to try again, or do you prefer to just move on?

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 34 weeks 6 days ago

Today the u.S. has a frighteningly unpredictable psychopath as president and a largely dumb and passive public. Wholesale disaster around the corner? Is there anyone presently in the WH's circus able to - or who would want to - restrain the self-hugger?

rs allen 34 weeks 6 days ago

Don't know if the public isn't more willfully ignorant than just plain dumb and passive. Willful ignorance helps in shoring up their self esteem when inconvenient facts jump up in their face. That the average american has the attention span of a gnat probably plays the same kind of role, 'lets move along now this leads to things I don't want to know about', 'it's all so unpleasent don't you know'.

Actually I consider trumpkof a perfect reflection for what america is and always has been what with all his self preening, all his nacissism, all his gangsterism, all his racism, his zenophobias, and all his other isms on display for all to witness. He fits america perfectly, it just took america 2 or 3 hundred years to own up, come clean and puke out it's true nature.

rs allen 34 weeks 5 days ago

So sorry, I didn't mean not to leave something at the childrens table:


Coalage3 34 weeks 4 days ago

That's what I thought...moving on.

rs allen 34 weeks 3 days ago

So how many ways do you want us to explain it boy? How personal does it have to get to satisfy you boy? Don't you feel any connection to anything unless it affects you personally boy?

Why worry about chasing a bank robber? they haven't effected you personally. Why worry about a meth lab down thar someplace far away, it doesn't effect you personally. Why worry about what some woman wants to do with her body, it doesn't effect you personally. Why worry about a fire on the other side of town, it doesn't effect you personally. Why worry if some baker doesn't like serving queers, it doesn't effect you personally. Why worry if some pipe line leaks and destroy's an entire eco-system and aquifer, it's no skin off your nose, your water is just fine. In short little boy why worry about anything unless it effects you personally is a very small world Grown up.

Both Alberto and I have in our own ways have tried to help you. No man is an island.......try reading it.

Whats legal and what's right? Then I gave you some home work and I know damn well you haven't even scanned the 300 plus pages of that. Did you even look at the front cover?

So yes little boy, we are moving on from your 12 year old self-centered thinking as both of us left that limited world view long ago. Now if you want to leave the child's table and join the adults buffet...........

Otherwise expect to be treated like a child.

Hmm, isn't there a Bible passage that says something about when I was a child I thought and spoke as a child?

Coalage3 34 weeks 3 days ago

Yes there is that passage and you should go back and read it. And neither one of you has answered the question.

Tell us, how has the election of Trump negatively affected your life? Did Trump rob your house? Does he operate a meth lab beside of your residence? Did he try to burn down your abode? Its a simple question, but one everyone on this forum cannot seem to answer.

Just a continued bunch of mumbo jumbo, coulda, woulda, shoulda, maybe's.

Its okay if you don't have a specific answer. But I am willing to say that the election of Trump has not changed your life one little bit. All you can come up with is something might happen over here, or over there, or in outer space. Now, there is always a possibility that something might happen that could change that. But that is true of any president, isn't it?

rs allen 34 weeks 3 days ago

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12 For now we see in a mirror, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.

Okay, I've done my homework. Now you do yours.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 34 weeks 2 days ago

1 Corinthians 13:11

1 Corinthians 13:12 King James Version (KJV)

Coalage3 34 weeks 2 days ago

That's all very nice, but why can you not just answer the question?

I get it...you are afraid to admit that the election of Trump has not changed your life one little bit.

rs allen 34 weeks 1 day ago

We have answered that childish question in two or three different ways. The POINT of our answers have been; it matters not weather we/I personally have been harmed or if I/we personally have benefitted, because there is a much larger truth one only remains blind to by refusing to give up childish things.

Interesting how the number 12 keeps coming back around, no.

Coalage3 34 weeks 1 day ago

I got it RS...the larger truth is that you have not been harmed by the election of Trump.

rs allen 33 weeks 4 days ago

That's what you suppose you've gleaned? That's all? What a shallow petulant child you are. Shrug, okay stay with your childish things. As for us adults, we fear not a look into the mirror:


Coalage3 33 weeks 3 days ago

I've gleaned that you cannot even give one reason how the election of Trump has harmed you in any way.

Frankly, there is nothing unusual about that. But you just don't want to admit it.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 33 weeks 3 days ago
Quote rs allen:

As for us adults, we fear not a look into the mirror:


Thanks, rs allen, for calling attention to this splendid speech. The following may not seem to logically follow but I think it does - radical evil...

The Amanpour interview with John Heminway speaks volumes about us bipeds. Well worth taking time out to listen to it if you haven't already.

The dark secret of Kenya's famed flying doctor - CNN Video

rs allen 33 weeks 3 days ago

Very few natural born Marcus Aurelius's in the human species. Our stoism melts away under what many times is just the most minor and usually venal pressures.Perhaps the Dr. made a life and death decsion in defence of her own life or for other minor reasons, but it's clear a decsion was made. So atonement? How does one atone once radical evil is entered into? Is there such a thing? Can a bunch of small good deeds ever make up for one large moral failing?

Has the us. with trump reached it's moment of enlightenment that Kurtz did and crying out, the horror the horror!, then like the Dr.choose to try and atone?

I wouldn't bet on it.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 33 weeks 2 days ago
Quote rs allen:

Has the us. with trump reached it's moment of enlightenment that Kurtz did and crying out, the horror the horror!, then like the Dr.choose to try and atone?

I wouldn't bet on it.

Nor would I. Likely a losing bet. The lumpenproletariat don't do decent nor read anything decent. They're unmindful (ignorant) of Conrad's warning of the gathering darkness and, recently, of McCarthy's devastated road.

Here's a fine article on McCarthy's "The Road"...


And right on time...


Watch Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg Discuss Nuclear War

Betsy Reed, the editor-in-chief of The Intercept, is moderating a discussion between Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg on the topic of nuclear policy and war. Chomsky, a laureate professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona, and Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers whistleblower and author of “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner,” are appearing onstage together for the first time. The event will be held at the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences on Tuesday, April 24, at 10 p.m. ET.

We will broadcast a free livestream here so viewers around the world can tune in to the conversation. If you miss it, you’ll be able to watch the video below after the broadcast.

rs allen 33 weeks 16 hours ago

The voice of crickets added to an evening song at twilight is a welcome note. On a forum page of open discusion though? Not so much.

So we are all left with the choice of either the willfully ignorant or the dumb and passive to decide the fate of mankind in one big flash bang or to stay wallowing in a tar pit to slowly die because we can't bring ourselves to leave it's rich smell.

No worries. The crickets will gladly take take your spot and their voices are louder than you the willfully ignorant.

rs allen 32 weeks 6 days ago

Well hell, it seems we have the whole site to ourselves Alberto. Here to go?

Shadows? Does that refer to the shadows of Hiroshima?

hiroshima shadows

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 32 weeks 6 days ago

As for crickets...

Shadows. Why??? "Where do they...?"

From Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”:

Mistah Kurtz-he dead
A penny for the Old Guy

From the master’s "Julius Caesar"

"Between the acting of a dreadful thing

And the first motion, all the interim is

Like a phantasma or a hideous dream."

The final verses from “The Hollow Men” by T S Eliot


Between the conception
And the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Falls the Shadow
Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow
For Thine is the Kingdom

For Thine is
Life is
For Thine is the

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

And many thanks to JEFFREY ST. CLAIR for the listening...







rs allen 32 weeks 6 days ago

Perhaps the first mistake we make is to believe loosing the chains in the cave of wall shadows all others would willingy follow to the reality of daylight but counter intuitively would rather choose to stay with the known (dis)comforts of watching shadows on the walls.

Alberto Ceras 2's picture
Alberto Ceras 2 32 weeks 6 days ago
Quote rs allen:

Well hell, it seems we have the whole site to ourselves Alberto. Here to go?

Shadows? Does that refer to the shadows of Hiroshima?

hiroshima shadows

Well, yes, Hiroshima's shadows, T S Eliot's, our own. The best poetry gives us, the readers, unbounded options.

And the music?

rs allen 32 weeks 6 days ago

I don't don't really give humanity that much credit alberto. In fact as a whole they rarely exceed beyond what I expect of them. Shrug, after 70 years of witness why would I look for for anything different from that mindless mass?

"I have never allowed my schooling to get in the way of my education", Mark Twain. (I think I got that quote right)

Aah, the music. Haven't really visited it yet. I'm in a kinda melancholy mood today so I'm playing the thrinity sessions from the Cowboy Junkies this morning.


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