The purpose of the constitutional prescription for a government-run postal service was to facilitate communication and exchange of information between all citizens. Technological advances fulfilling the same purpose should not be excluded from this mandate.

The USPS should therefore offer for free, or for nominal fees, state-of-the-art telecomunication services, including high speed internet, phone services, and satellite for remote areas.


Scott D.F. Simpson's picture
Scott D.F. Simpson 5 years 13 weeks ago

So squash Competion with yet another government run business, subsidized by taxes and money printing? Why Stop there let's go full socialism and have the government run Wal-mart, Home Depot and the fast food giants? I would gladly stay at my home town Home Depot Instead of advancing in my career, and moving on from a dead end Job. If I had federal pay and benefits. The USPS can't compete on a level playing field so they don't. Fed-ex, UPS, and others would not be there if the government knew how to run a business, which they don't. Sorry dude but this is a really bad idea, the usps should have been replaced when the horse and buggy was.

Ken Duerksen's picture
Ken Duerksen 5 years 13 weeks ago

Fed ex doesn't have a level playing field? Did you know that the USPS is forced by a GOP-passed law to fund its pensions for 75 years into the future? Are you saying that Fed Ex is required to do this as well?

Also - the USPS is NOT a business (although it has been forced to operate as one - a profitable one, in the end). It is a SERVICE required of our government by the US Constitution. Maximizing monetarty profit for a few well-placed companies is not the reason for everything, despite the savagely-held beliefs of servile patsies to crooked billionaires across this country.


Scott D.F. Simpson's picture
Scott D.F. Simpson 5 years 13 weeks ago

Did you read my post? And a product, service or Idea is the basis of any business. So the USPS is a governmant run business. At my local post office we have boxe's under the tables where we put all the mail we don't want. What do you have against tree's? I can imagine how well my goverment run in box would work if I could not "opt out" of spam. Or my goverment run cell phone. Which the goverment is spending too much time and money listening to my calls and reading my E-mails.

what your suggesting is Communism, like I said lets have govermant run all business. Oh ya they tried that in Russia, did not work out so well. i hate billionaires too, Like Warren Buffet, the big winner in not building the Keystone pipeline. Now we will move that same product much more dangerously and much more inefficiently Using his trains.

Ken Duerksen's picture
Ken Duerksen 5 years 13 weeks ago

Did you read MY first post? I was advocating that the USPS take its constitutional madate into the 21st century, by establishing a "Public Option" internet and telephone system, thereby working to save those trees that we all know are so precious to you righties (har har).

Communism? No. Its called using pooled poitical franchise and resources to combat colonization by unforgivably wealthy sociopaths and corporations.

Why are you so terrified of competition? Why are you so certain that a non-profit government run option would swamp the fabled efficiency of competitors in the private sector? Personnaly, I AM certain that it would severely limit the profits of these near-monopolies, except for certain niches -but big deal.

As a free American, I resent being blocked from seeking the most efficient and affordable options to essential things like communication and health insurance, simply because self-entitled captains of industry see these industries as their private fiefs, and that personal fortunes in the billions are their birthright.

Scott D.F. Simpson's picture
Scott D.F. Simpson 5 years 13 weeks ago

OK fine then start a non-profit a 501 3c and accept not one penny of goverment tax money because that is what I am terrified of. Another tax and spend bloated poorly run institution like the post office. As a free American I am afraid of all the money every level of govermnet wastes. Example the U.S.P.S sending me Junk mail, i don't want and wasting tax money to do it. And yes I am a tree hugging moderate, not fanatical to the right at all. I voted for Obama in 2008, and am in favor of socialized health care.

"Indeed, in the first three quarters of 2012, the Postal Service lost $11.6 billion, more than twice what it lost during the same period in 2011."

In fact here is how desperate the post office is.

"The Postal Service increasingly relies on outside corporations for everything from sorting mail and transporting it by air and ground to advertising and I.T. consulting: Last year, the agency spent more than $12 billion on such contracts, according to Husch Blackwell, a law firm that represents Postal Service contractors. The USPS even hires some of its competitors to help it do its job, including the United Parcel Service and FedEx, which was the Postal Service's highest-paid supplier in 2011."

Well that's why I am so certain the facts. But Don't think i don't feel your pain. What America needs is more unions. A minimum wage some one could live on. And a retirement solution that doesn't take a bachlors in finance to achieve.

Ken Duerksen's picture
Ken Duerksen 5 years 13 weeks ago

Well, we appear to agree on a lot. I do not pretend that the USPS is perfectly run - I simply submit that the theory is more sound than is relying on the mythical "free market" for the best solutions to everything. The constitution is nothing but a manual explaining how out elected representative are to go about taxing and sepending for the common defense and general welfare, and it is a good framework.

My perception is that our undeniable governmental waste is entirely the result of unreasonaby wealthy people and interests using their wealth to undemocratically influence legislation to their own benefit, at the increasing detriment to the American people. My favored prescription is to eliminate the "Usurper Class" (i.e. "crooked billionaires") through robust progressive taxation.

A strong democratic republic is the best way to run a complex society, and weakening such a government inevitably leaves the people to the cruel ravages of economic warlords. Currently, the idea of such a government in this country is a joke, entirely because of the grotesque inequities in wealth that we foolishly permit to flourish. We can get it back, however, if we embrace the idea of taxing them all into the upper middle class, as long as they don't belong in prison instead.

douglaslee's picture
douglaslee 5 years 13 weeks ago

USPS is not poorly run. Only in the eyes of ignoramuses that listen to talk radio. The GOP wants to kill it because it has a felony statute against anyone using it's service for fraudulent means, the basis of most American businesses, and GOP's owners. Mail fraud is a risk so they're happy to pay $12.00 for a letter that USPS could deliver for .40 cents. Federal sentencing guidelines for mail fraud vary, but Madoff got hit with some of those charges, as did Enron, Worldcom, and others caught. Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, JPMorgan, and all the failed and corrupt banks and investment houses used Fedex or Ups, or the signature on the fraudulent documents inside would have led to incarceration if USPS was the carrier of choice. Anyone doing business ought to insist transactions come via USPS if they want assurances of an honest deal, legal contract, and legitimate documentation, unless they themselves are criminals as well. I think the USPS should do some advertizing with that message in mind. "For an honest contract and honest trail, post your documents with US Mail"

I am composing a letter to whoever is fighting that ridiculus 75 year pension funding nonsense with an option to discuss. USPS delivers both Fedex, and UPS packages to addresses the ripoff artists do not serve. That means those packages ARE subject to the mail fraud statute. Fedex and Ups are vulnerable to Postal Inspector's discretion. They could decide to exercise prosecutorial discretion if the 75 year sham is dropped by the gop mafia.

If the Fedex and Ups insurance policy against felony charges of mail fraud is not 100% coverage, customers might reconsider the price.

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