Hi Peeps, this thread was from Date Hookup Forums, I decided to share my response. btw its crawling with red state facists.:

" Socialists ,Can you explain this:

"Headline in today's Panama City (Fla.) News-Herald, and excerpts from the article:

"Cuba says small, medium-sized private businesses will be legal.

"HAVANA (AP)---Cuba announced Tuesday it will legalize small- and medium-sized businesses in a move that could significantly expand private enterprise in one of the world's last Communist countries....

" The government has regularly cracked down on private businesses that flourish and compete with Cuba's chronically inefficient state monopolies.

" 'Private property in certain means of production contributes to employment, economic efficiency and well-being...' reads one section of the 'Conceptualization of the Cuban Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development.' "

Even the Castro brothers admit that socialism doesn't work. Key words in this article: "efficient" and "inefficient".

//okay , so this dittohead aposorichie posts: " Socialism=poverty"

literally only repeating what you were told. the 20$ bread and milk lines? If the United States decided on socialism overnight, there's no justifiable reason for essential goods to change price at all. They are used so frequently that the only reason cost would go up is by a business choosing to close in protest only on politics. The Manufacturer would still be open and most of this essential item stuff is automated anyway. Also, with so much labor cut out of the domestic market already, theres practically a shadow socialist nation existing of terminally unemployed or H1B crowded out of high skill labor access.

A government historically communist or socialist by label is only a caste of privileged people anyway. Human territorial conditioning breaks government structures of each. the main point is, you took time to kick dirt on socialism but capitalism is in the grave to the right asking for reasonable soil from an Asian distributor and a cutrate shoveler. Now, whats a better system than both? If no answer, empty pride. The economy is an unbalanced technocracy that privileges unregulated financial careers instead of humanities.

The Thread originator posts:

Capitalism has a track record of bringing prosperity. Socialism has a track record of bringing economic stagnation and poverty, and Venezuela is the latest example of this.

My Response:

what you are hyping isn't capitalism , It doesn't create prosperty.. only accumulation of wealth that doesn't accumulate if the labor isn't domestic. capitalism doesn't operate in a globalization condition of negative trade policy , Also low prices aren't guaranteed if the goal of present free market economics is mergers and acquisitions to decrease competition. Whatever you are calling capitalism is multiple systems operating under a broad name that mass media won't deconstruct to sustain privilege. One thing for sure is that it is not capitalism. Ayn Rand had a bias for free market economics by having a bias against soviet communism. Theres a difference of being a proponent and a compensatory advocate.


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