re Tanya Reid : Munchausen:

Dear Forensic Files This evening your feature on the child abuser was a crossroads of new topics that were not available when Munchausen was named. For starters, now we know that geriatric caretakers can sometimes become abusive in the emotional strain of

communication difficulty with cliets or seek the work out to assert themselves when they cannot elsewhere. I will more broadly paint that on CNAs, Nurses, and Mental Health Orderlies. .There are also more people willing to discuss fetishes as a psychology topic today rather than grimace of it as a taboo of sexual self deviance to opinion anything about it; the asphyxiation behavior particularly.

On the matter of Tanya Reid a few red flags went up about her history with choking kids to get glamour for herself. Maybe she lost her virginity to a guy or rapist who choked her while it happened. Chalk that up to texas business ethics. In turn , the sexualized impression of choking for a first time or even 4th time might have triggered a rationalizing of the fetish for other reasons of delusions of grandeur. That’s what her award was back while babysitting: A delusion. The particular episode summarized Munchausen as a subconscious need for attention. The people who abuse their kid " might be shown a video and still would deny it to visible evidence" they were watching.

As for her career as a nurse; I get this feeling that going into healthcare is an extension of her fetish. If Munchausen is subconscious then it could not be discounted a subconscious draw to the medical field would be to learn about the body so that further usage for outlets of passive aggressive love or perhaps narcissistic personality disorder are covered well. So first see this as people who are child abusers by Munchausen get drawn to cover their tracks in the medical field before ever being active. It’s a general speculation by me that if 1/3rd are in the medical field then 2/3rds are not and by majority not as intelligent to cover their tracks so well. That aside, Tanya Reid was a nurse and unlike mothering they get paid for their work. But , hour after hour, doing the mundane gets monotonous like any other job. If she literally ever saved someone with CPR the pat on the back might actually be less than a street samaritan. Ya know ,good work doing your job and if you didn't you'd be fired. So nurses don't get some praises that are due for any other person in the public.

If her husband wasn't giving her enough attention and her job didn't care whether she performed exemplary or unfireable.. then she has a reason to seek attention for her skills. She has motivation to fake Munchausen. Yes , I said fake Munchausen; knowing it exists. Either way she has a delusion of how good her carework is with her own family. Apparently infrequently did she revive her son before the paramedics got there. It was an act she apparently didnt clean up very well after killing one kid. If a person who becomes trained as a nurse plans to continue caring for people, she has to have rigid barriers when she can let her fetish play. For this same reason I don't suggest she is a child sexual abuser but rather that the asphyxiation behavior is the furthest extent of it she is willing to explore. I feel its unlikely she has a 2nd subconcious drive to jump her sons bones but that’s a bit off topic and at two she's not likely to get the creampie she's looking for. Unconscious men can't deliver a load anyway. So the 3rd point is : If Munchausen is an incomplete fetish , it may be due to a sexual confusion of get backs on a male for the sake of choking satisfaction and domination but yet wanting the aspect of keeping the meatpole awake for something to ride is valid also. Not all of Reids history was addressed to these ends but that is my professional opinion to the matter.

Lets say this is the old concept of Munchausen before I contacted you.: If we believe that the person has munchausen then my first goal in interrogation is to crush the syndromes ego.

"You don't deserve more attention. You are a parent and if you can't parent the kids get taken away; whether single parent or coparent".

" Your child is worth more than your right to attention. If you want a slap on the back , the justice system doesn't paddle anymore. If the kid dies , we're going to fill you so full of voltage you won't be able to enjoy a good paddling. And believe you me, We can call up the Mythbusters from retirement to put an Iowa regulation stop sign on its own pole on a rotational device . to deliver you some paddle. it'll be so paddled , your buns will be mistaken for a cameltoe wider than your hips. But alas .. as I said.. that’s a tease. it will be the chair for you. Remember that, You want that paddle, don't you? But you can't have it so don't tease yourself choking the kid again. "

"People who choke their children, like you, aren't doing enough about airpollution. Did you ever consider that? You're part of the climate problem.. you have to improve the environment. * wink , * nudge."

"Right now your son is learning how to fire an uzi.. We here in the police have tapped a new resource called the NRA Fairy. Everytime you think about choking your kid again , the fairy puts an uzi under his pillow to cap your ass. What is your opinion on this?"

"We see you like giving your son mouth to mouth. The whole department is going to use you like rescus-Annie and we'll all get an aware just like this ( shows printshop document). Do you think that’s heroism now?"

So like I'm showing you.. go right at it and attack the character of munchausen to see if the person breaks through it. Theres something called a Psychotic break when the conscious can't deal with the reality. My angle is you break the subconcious and make it bleed into the conscious so one cannot lie for the other.


Kind Regards

Michael Bench , MEP, GCERT

Exercise Physiology

Womens and Gender Studies


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judiesote 1 year 15 weeks ago

I do not believe Tanya to be guilty as my son had the exact same symptoms from age 6months to 3 years. I was fortunate enough to have him have same symtoms while alone with my husband & in the doctors office in front of the dr himself. He had 2 complete hospital exams with no findings. Diagnosis was "breath holding spells". Symptoms stopped at around age 3 just after having having his tonsils removed. Don't know if there was any actual connection. He is alive and well today but did have a heart attack at age 45 with no heart damage . The doctors indicated it was a electrical problem. Please contact me if I can help in anyway to get this terrible charge against her dropped

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I saw the evidence 1 year 10 weeks ago

I was on one of the Grand Juries that indicted Reid. As such, I saw most of the evidence including some which was not used in two of her trials. She was found guilty three times (twice in Texas) and once in (I think) Iowa. She is guilty as all get out. The evidence was overwhelming. There is zero doubt. Read the book Mockingbird about her, the evidence, and the trials. There is no doubt. None. Nada. She had a long history of endangering children for the sake of prestige. She did it as a teenager, she did it with the baby she killed, and she did it with the child who ultimately suffered brain damage from the repeated episodes of smothering. There was no incentive for her to be tried in Texas except for the gravity of the charges. It cost Deaf Smith County Texas lots of money to bring her to justice. The death of the child and the Reids had been forgotten. To bring her back on trumped-up charges makes no sense whatsoever. It wasn't needed to get the DA re-elected (he was popular and always won easily). She deserves no sympathy. She ought to be locked up for life. That she is out is a travesty of justice. The woman is pure evil.

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Buzzmoogy 24 weeks 2 days ago

I completely agree. I don't know when she got out but she has a facebook page and people telling her she is beautiful? I don't see it. She is a mental patient and should either be in prison or an insane asylum. 62 years sure goes by faster than it used to. She can't have kids but what if she babysits for someone who doesn't watch Forensic Files? I can't believe this happened in Texas of all places. California, yes but TEXAS?

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