The solution of immigration and delaying climate bad effects.//
The first thing we realize is that all immigrants are not to be handled the same way. Syrians are entirely leaving their country where as Hispanics cause a problem of currency exportation. Syrians are on the move so they really aren’t as likely to send the cash to any other country. Thats a shallow prognosis but I’ll flow with it for now.

So apparently the 11 Million documented immigrants are slated ideally for deportation. We have activists crying and clamoring about how sad it is the American government tears apart families. These people are weak. They are weak by their lack of offering solutions and they are weak by not having the heart to accept who is for blaming when the kids are screaming at an arrested family member by ICE. ICE agents don’t have to put up with that kids crying. Thats no Americans labor to deal with. The Hispanic parents caused that by not coming to the United States appropriately. Overstayed visas or whatever.Don’t split hairs on this. USgov is only nicely gullible to let the anchor baby stay. Don’t request stupidity disguised as altruism. Otherwise, American lifestyle economic standards will be poverty for certain.

Since we have about 11 million illegals here, That is a big workforce. That is a workforce that needs work during the non agricultural season and I have a plan about all that. Before we offer new work to illegals, lets also offer illegals work to Americans so the unemployment rate drops. I’m more concerned about the poverty rate. First is fieldwork. What kinda nutter works in a hot field during the daytime? Thats crazy cray.

Imagine night time work in the fields. Its nice and cool. blowing wind. Theres solar panel dollies all over the field. These solar panels pick up energy in the day time and feed them to an LED light panel that shines on the worker during the night. The solar panel dolly covers 15-20 feet of two rows . It has a bug net around its frame that the worker is zipped into , and a tiki torch blazing on one of the wheeled legs. The worker picks the entire area enclosed in the bug net and then raises the net a bit and rolls the dolly down the rows to the unpicked harvest. Imagine it. Part time and fulltime work in the fields at night for American Citizens. Thats whose going to pay for those solar lights. Privilege.

Now lets also talk about productive use of economy. These illegals need to be taught a simple lesson in loyalty. First they pay off their naturalization, THEN they send money out of country for their family and friends and friends of friends. Its real simple. The employers of illegals will pay them by check and that check will be cashed at one spot only where they will be garnished a set amount for their naturalization. They can do with the rest as they please. We Americans should see their access to work as a necessary accomodation of demanding their attention to Citizenship. Their attention to making blase’ movement into our terroritory a real earnest attempt to be among us. People won’t naturalize if you offer them all the benefits as a nonCitizen. Its ridiculous.

Check this , I have the answer to the nations move off coal and fossil fuel energy and outrageous drop in poverty. Ergonomic Energy. (graphic)

11 Million illegals strapped to a recumbent bike (each )that looks like this. ( Its not my design) They pedal for 2hours x 3 times a day. During that time they get an english lesson , One of those ‘ learn as you drive “ CDs. We can get guest professors and instructors for more advanced english lessons. Some might even get help with their illiteracy in Spanish. And so they pedal and pedal their little hearts out till they become US Citizens. We can put American Citizens on these erogometers and teach them Chinese and Japanese the same way. And of course there must be cross training to avoid overuse conditions.

The Upper body “ electrogometer” could be a rower or something of that sort. We also don’t want new Citizens to get their graduation with secretaries asses sitting all the time. The cross training apparatus for lower body is a bit draconian but it will work. I borrowed it from the Conan movie. (graphic)

People as a group can transfer rotational energy to electricity for even greater generated wattage. Apparently this contraption is called ‘ the Wheel of Pain”. Add a few speakers for language lessons and we’re ready to educate new Citizens. We can house them together like a Native American reservation and feed and cloth them at bulk rate savings for the lot of them. Citizens can even have their own wheel for employment and socializing. The generation of energy is the key to reducing our illegal immigrant problem and also reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

That leaves one final thing. The wall. I feel Donald Trump has hyped a wall only of bad interior decorating influence from China. They have a wall , maybe we should have a wall. meh. I don’t give a shit about that. Its an Imperial Furniture Idea only . With a simple rope ladder , its conquered. If we must have a wall then its best used on the southern Mexican border to protect the NAFTAzone in whole. People climbing over face a higher risk of beating and rape by the mafia cartels down there. What I am suggesting is that we don’t do a wall and instead enlarge the Rio Grande to span from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of California. Its jobs.

What becomes of this is a seaport and trades trafficking. Mexicans and Hispanics have no reason to cross the border if the very near side of the water has the same jobs the far side does. By creating a water way substantial enough to get massive cargo ships through, we also delay the climate crisis. How so? Dig that RIver Deep . Real Real Deep. Like, ocean deep. Then we let the water in. To have a border seaway / trade route increases our exposure to trade and cargo transport tariffs. It lets in a bunch of ocean water to an utter desert and makes it greener. It stimulates agriculture with a few desalinization stations along the way . Agriculture that United States created for itself AND Mexico. That means more lettuce picking jobs exist below our border and who doesn’t like a tossed salad below the border? Solved. Oh yeah , breed very aggressive bullsharks in that seaway also. Good sport fishing thats dangerous as f***. Now little immigrant faces the guilt of snobbing a mexican job, wet pants from a border he could not tunnel under, Wet socks and shirt trying to swim the Rio Grande. Bite holes in his body trying to get onto the American shore AND then a very electric fence of only 8 feet that will fry his bits into burgers and thus tossed back to the sharks for that eager taste for human flesh.

the take away message here is All American. North Central and South. Americans already had our American Revolutionary war. These people seeking a better life from Honduras and Costa Rica , Bolivia and Guyana.. you stay there. You make your country a better place and this time put some effort into it. Elbow grease and steroids. If you want your ethnicity to be respected infront of White People then you have to fight like white people fought to demand their land from the British. And So you must fight your tyrants and if you don’t, scr** you. Fight harder.


The immigration situation solved. And climate change side fx mitigated.
The immigration situation solved. And climate change side fx mitigated.


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