Understanding the enemy of denominational subjectivism, how it is elusive, and the tunnel vision zionist who tried to censor American Religion. ( this is a blog I shared with Temple of Satan)

Any religion that has denominations for a time greater than say . 250years, should be expected to be a hoax. The concept of christianity itself has continually split and resplit.

By 250 years I would expect a present deity to arright the value between true loyalists and total tards out for their own angle. Denominationalism concludes a certainty of mortal lead nonsense. The human theist doesn’t want to account his own views to a common dogma because a common dogma is disproven by facts. The existence of creationism is only extended by the continual emergence of new groups that want to retell the story a different way. These are not new religions as “ The American Religion”, by Harold Bloom intends to portray them. christian denominationalism is a form of spiritual hoarding demographic diversity.

Harold Bloom constructed his book to assemble all the current Protestant and Fringe Jesus groupie religions into an explanatory vision of the rightful heir of gnostic judaisms blessing as though all were sibling Cains and Abels and it was his duty to cast shade in all other corners of American Spirituality. Bloom covered Mormons, christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, Pentacostals , Adventists, Orphists , and various Baptists that included Africanized forms. The one group he completely omitted was LaVeyan Satanists as a founded group by Americans. It’s a 1991 book. Theres no excuse.

Where as the conservatives portray their faith as christian, their belief in force easily can be categorized with people abiding the 9 Rules of The Church of Satan, Americans much more easily abide the common sense dogma set by LaVey because they have no intent to be pinned down on being obsolete and wrong. Bloom decided to label “ the American religion is Creedless” and yet had he included the Church of Satan , his concept would have burst into flames and ashed faster than Cheech and Chongs first 1/8th oz in April.

Blooms book is awful as surface reference and also a blunderingly well written gaffe.

The factor I wanted to address here is how Bloom described the forms of Protestantism.

Protestant denominations have generally become groups of people who see their relationship with ‘yhvh’ as personal and without need of mediation by clergy or the Nazarene himself. In his rules located in Matthew 5:17-48, he specifically indicates they are not to be altered at all. Meanwhile the Oral Roberts, Phil Robertsons , Jimmy Swaggerts are all searching through the old testament and the acts of the apostles for their personal angle on faith. As I said, Jesus is not included to these protestant’s loving convenience found for scapegoating fascism through sexism and homophobia.

What is the goal of having this personal relationship and why is the relationship valued by clergy that the Protestants and Fundamentalist heretics must have it for themselves? It’s an envy of magic. It’s a race to hear and recite messages from god personally. Apparently Jehovah Witnesses had preacher or few that said the world’s end would be in 1914. To field a message like that is what people are looking to prove their faith to themselves. Otherwise, waiting to hear voices or concocting voices on their own to pacify their boredom amounts to dissociative disorders of disorganized manufacture of multiple personalities. So while Objectivists like ourselves and Atheists and Scientists are open to have discussion on a topic, the moving context of nonsense that is fabricated fauxchristianity only wants to explain the world to itself by terms that serve its delusion while waiting. While each wait, individually , for their message. As a strategy its complicated brain washing of so many people who have generally become a polytheism by their own interpretation. Even nonpracticing catholics and nonpracticing jews exist as such. Its not that they pick and choose of the bible to be loyal to its book. They pick and choose from the bible to legitimize its value to them. Otherwise they’d say “ It’s a stupid book anyway , I talk to god more often than I read it and he loves me and tells me jesus died for all my sins.”.

The sin credit card for born-agains and most other protestants is certainly a papal indulgence inspired consideration if it really were. Actually it predates the papal indulgence as a misquote or even spiteful jeer of the Nazarene himself. He warned the Jews that THEY would die for their sins against the holy spirit. They hated that so they pinned him up like a doll on a hill. John 8:24. Yeshua ben Yosef ( Jesus) did intend to be martyred and apparently rise from the dead but all this schtick about eternal forgiveness is loathesome nonsense. If it were true, there’d be no point for a final judgement and no reason exists to believe Jesus wouldn’t extend his own forgiveness to nonjews and nonchristians who were far less guilty of beating the shit out of him and tacking him to a cross.

We recognize when Freedom of Religion and Equality of Religious access are tested , the christians quickly refuse all religious texts. They refuse people’s access to alternatives. We are talking about a subjective cult who seeks battered soles from their economic attrition system to become a loyalist to one of the options of Jesus’s story telling. A valid metaphor for Tiamat if she wouldn’t see it as an insult to be associated to republicans and conservatives. Her real name apparently was Ummu Habor. Since capitalism seeks less competition by its mergers and acquisitions corporate mission , catholicism and protestant christian must also then coin ‘christian capitalism’ as its full context. They compete for a monopoly on peoples faith for financial reasons of support as cults will do.

The accumulation of all religious 'christians’ are not christians at all. They are a second reformational judaism after the first one beginning in Isaiah. Jesus’s own bible isn’t even named correctly. Isaiah should be “ The New Testament ”, and Matthew beginning the ministry of Yeshua Ben Yosef. If he’s so famous , its rather ridiculous no one uses his real name. If they saw him as the mortal he called himself, they’d realize he was a shill for the wealthy and the poor. He generally asked that the poor get more charity and the wealthy be enabled to rule without harassment. Turn the cheek is a cowards pledge. We are talking moreso of the Roman wealthy than the Hebrew. Its always smart to work for the Emperor rather than the local lord. Tiberius planned to make Jesus a god on Olympus so by that reasoning I’d say they were tight.

So in Summary, Harold Bloom was a conspirator to a theological heresy that turned christianity into a personally defined anarchy in the name of jesus. He avoided admit non christian associated religions were developed and founded, and praised mormons in particular as justified heirs of his gnostic judaism heritage. As Satanists have pride to worship freely , I shall not be saying this for raising doubt. If we asked who created Satanism, some would respond jews, some would say jhvh, and some would sputter. Satan is whom christians fear for they do not fear their own god to be his ideal children. They sit upon his throne in blaspheme telling others during war time they will be “ Sent to Hell”. For whatever reason the throne of judgement is sat upon; Satan did this first and all who otherwise do are as guilty. To judge as law of heaven or law upon mortals, whatever.

If we set aside our prudent trust of Satan , then we have the criticism of christian media and film. In the Usual Suspects conclusion , Verbal Kint ( a con artist posing as a cripple) says in his monologue “ the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was teaching the world he didn’t exist”. In this statement we see that the script writer and inspired dogma behind it demand the presence of Satan and denounce all who discard either Satan or the entire duality as nonsense.

Satan is the theist alcoholics perfect drug for they never run out. A Bottle of liquid excuses runs out but being stupid by subject of weakness ( to self ) is easily conned as a weakness to be possessed into evil. It’s a typical symptom of Alcoholics. yahweh is not blamed when things go wrong. It’s the Devil being faulted for a man to have bad luck. Apparently the protestant types feel the legitimacy of their faith is what makes them good and not the lives they lead by the new testament alone. The christian bible as a historical volume lacks the Talmud, Alphabet of Ben Sirah and Rabbahs. Hope Tennessee takes note.

Satan has been created by alcoholic christians as their convenience of avoiding guilting themselves. Eventually what became waiting for gods voice would become christians convincing themselves they had the rights and the goods to grant themselves eternal life. Their judgement was that of disciple to god directly throwing the angels to unemployment .. much as they did during the trade deals to American workers. They tread a line of wearing the godlike mask when feeling confident and the gimp of Satan mask when not very clever in their toil or infidelity. Males , many of them, after all will get pussy whipped. Adam was pussy whipped. He ate the apple to stay afoot of ‘Eves’ alleged advantage rather than heed law for himself. If the origin of the apple was concealed without his knowledge theres no explanation why the trick would not be intervene to prevent at least one from being ejected from Eden. Its a weak story.

Males who are not guilty as a victim of Satan then are less criticized by their wives or girlfriends as fallible in other ways. Judeochristianity is the product of alcoholism and its their sacrament they teach babies to interest a taste for early in life. During communion. The need for their yahweh -jesus god to have a nemesis is partially of relief of being better people by their own conscious and partially of supporting blatant sexism that could not be easily debated by ongoing denominational reform as to who or what god really was. In short, christianity is the creationists crutch to avoid evolving to the knowledge of what sapien sexuality diversity is and to treat them equally beyond the binary cudgel of their sexist faith instruments.


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Even if they are sheep, they don't want their Medicare and Social Security cut by Paul Ryan and Trump.

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