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The violence of video games is socially specific to the society it effects.

An Oxford University study found no link of aggression and gaming but consider that England also does not allow its people and many of its officers do have guns. Law enforcement having firearms use in Europe is largely increasing due to heretic islam child traffickers creating situations where weapons are a necessary to their execution. Research at Baylor University , the Center for European Economic Research in Mannheim Germany and University of Texas researchers all found negative correlations of violent games and crime. The debate is not being framed correctly to blame the video games for the society. Research must understand it is the society bringing , reinforcing and normalizing their violent tendencies through the video game. Its Country specific.

In contrast, the American Psychological Association and Iowa State University make distinct cases of the linkage. Indirectly The University of Sussex England, Ludwig Maxmilian University Germany, University of Luxembourg, and Phillips University Marsburg Germany all found artifact indirect links between violent gaming and aggression. Artifact links are a matter of regarding how research evaluates the conditions and using small portions of those analysis terms for ease of building the test that will create dependable data.

This is not surprising for a country like the United States that has a serious partisan schism between specifically pseudochristianity and everyone else. Deism and atheism and polytheism all seem to be cramped together on the Liberal partisan side very often justified and vindicated in their values compared to conservative’s egonationalism cryptofascist tendencies. Mainly the Liberal front line is vindicated but it escalates the groups under it. Often those under the Liberal Progressive umbrella of tolerance are incompatible with each other on religious and waning sexism lines. What is not conservative cannot be politicized as standard Liberalism. It doesn’t match facts. A Binary system with its binary gender roles is not up to code. Congress is not up to the people’s code because of the privatized two party system.

The people bring the violence to the video game. They bring political violence to the video game to act it out as a cathartic moment or to be reinforced in their puppet status as a pawn of smear campaigns and bigotry. The NRA even defines the partisan schism as “ a good guy with a gun is necessary for killing a bad guy with a gun”. In this past republican convention the good guy /bad guy context was reanimated partisanly by CA House Leader Kevin McCarthy

“ Enough of the feeling less safe and less secure in a more dangerous world where bad guys are winning and the good guys are losing”.. “ under our republican agenda , our enemies will fear us.” “ To those who are attacked for your beliefs , we hear you”.

I place the fault of the American problem with violence on our media ,but not the gaming or sex and guns media. I place the blame on our partisanism enabling media who allow the schism and vitriol to be repeated from republican and conservative radio shows and congressional speeches to the airwaves. And how dare the democrats call them ‘ friends”. The ambivalence to the ecosystem, the ambivalence and stalling of healthcare, the destructive deregulation of the banking industry all came from the conservative evangelicals . I include Bill Clinton in there too. If a christian god guides these people, he is a lousy god and a lousy guide. I’d cap his ass for sure. For the hate he apparently inspires against Citizens of our country and generally a selfish underperformance in congress to do the will of the people; For a god , he sucks even by the laws his well loved and well beaten son sent down in Matthew 5:17-48.

How well would republicans behave if they had only these laws? How well would republicans be forced to behave if by accepting the word and salvation of Yeshua ben Yosef ( Jesus) they were sworn to rip the old testament out of their christian bible? The violence is instructed from that book. Violence against other CItizens is rationalized from the ancient testament as Israel now commits its own Nazi war against Palestinians. They did it to nonjews before and after Germany. The republican party is already a bottom to AIPAC.

To relieve this schism and aggression among burnt out cops the answer is simple. Cannabis helps PTSD. Cannabis relaxes people of unlike opinions, Cannabis reduces anxiety caused by the vitriol called conservative politics. Cops should not be pesting American Stoners and they should not be drinking. Being a cop must be understood the type of job you should not expect to retire on. The Burnout cop is bad for everyone and the drunkard alcoholic cop is on the wrong sauce. Depressants? No , tard. Anxiolytics.

Its not merely Cannabis itself but the Human responsibility to applaud , respect and value those affects anyway. Its the society bringing the violence to the game. Its hollywood feeding the private prison war machine to hand young males the inspiration to be reckless , sociopath, attrition driven thieves and thrill seekers. Yes, Hollywood places many roles but the role to the young 12-26 year old male is what must be evaluated the most . The similarity of the action movie and the person of masculine gender role that it inspires. Masculinity can be made a poisonous thing. It can merely smear the lack of black fathers when white fathers abandon kids also. I won’t merely blame black fathers for the specific increased crimes of rape and incest among Caucasian families. White on White Crime isn’t given it own social failing. Its given a pass the same way Black on Black crime is given a pass by the political Ebony.

Yet. racial laced killings are not surprising in that Ebony and Caucasian are the most violent two groups in America. Are you surprised in this conflict? And Both have racists and racism among. Blacks have a failure to identify when they use racism on Whites like all whites came from Western Europe or are unworthy to criticize them. There is criticism to be made.The cop problem is racial misandry. And some cop killer perps are also racial misandry. The violence problem is a masculine identity problem and addiction to power has a deist delusion of having the right of death and life as a judgement. A historical Caucasian rhetoric of their deliverance to the promised land somewhere else and not knowing where. The Vatican and Jesus never had a prophecy about North America. Elsewise treating the Natives fairly would have been a sensible reminder to the colonists and for the inquisitional genocides of catholics also.

Michael Bench, MEP, GCERT

Exercise Physiologist

Womens and Gender Studies.

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