Profound Sound Productions is a production company getting started out of Salt Lake City, UT. Founded by Levy Ruth (DJ Equil) and Tanner Bills (King Peace) originally, Robert Menasco (Roepoet) let King Peace use his studio to record an un-released EP of an album to be re-mastered called 'Topple 8.. It's infinity.' Roepoet was inspired to be part of the movement that is Profound Sound Productions, he took to the words of wisdom from King Peace who has been inspired by others to speak about things bigger than himself. Now King Peace is working on his first real album 'Respect for the Dead' to be released this summer. All of these songs will be on that album and they are all completely original and made 100% by King Peace accept for "Actually... Un-Equalized" which is a promotional song until the instrumental is produced. Roepoet is working on getting his CD's for 'The A.L.O.N.E. Mixtape' if you are interested in listening or giving feedback that would be awesome! I put this up on this site in particular because Thom Hartmann is one of my biggest inpirations when it comes to making a statement, he is also a great educator. I try to inject wisdom from spirituality, experience, world events, & emotions into my music; in all stages, including the instrumental. So I want to hear what people who have an even better grasp on world events than I already do input on my music, or even someone who is just starting to understand these things.

Profound Sound Productions. Salt Lake City, UT.

King Peace.


Take some time to check out my music.  Underground Anti-Fascist Hip Hop.  Mind expansion.  Profound Sound Productions.


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