Is a Science Teacher an Evangilist?

Either Thom or I are missing something here. Thom's position is (if I understand it correctly) "A religion is a group or individual that has a world view & tries to convince others that it is the correct one". Have I got it? By that definition a Science teacher that holds the world view that the laws of science rule the universe and that using science one can make predictions that in fact do come to pass and tries to convince students that this is the case they are then a religious evangelical. Two words: Horse Dung.

Oh perhaps a few more. I don't believe in the supernatural. I don't parcticularly care if anyone agrees with me. I am confident I am right and those that believe otherwise are wrong. If some Evangelical dimwit tried to change my mind I will be happy to debate the issue. If I convince them great! if not, So what. I am not a member of FFRF. I'm not a joiner.


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