When you think of McDonald's, you're probably thinking of hamburgers, nuggets and milkshakes. But in the US follows something else and less appetizing with food. It serves exploitation and injustice beside burger and fries.

Let's talk about two very different weekdays:

In the United States, where one of us, Flavia, working at a McDonald's, is the hourly rate below 48 kr. In one of the world's richest countries serves Flavia not enough to support her two children. She must choose between buying new clothes or school supplies for them. If she gets sick, she tries always to go to work anyway, because she can not afford to lose a single day.

McDonald's does not even Flavia a duty roster so she can arrange child care, or so she knows how much money she earns.

The American workers have asked McDonald's to respect their right to form trade unions can negotiate a fair wage and decent conditions for them, but even though Flavia and thousands more have been on strike, McDonald's has denied.

Precisely the union's central role is the reason why Ilham's work in Denmark looks entirely different.

Ilham is guaranteed that when she goes to work, it can also pay her rent and provide her with food on the table. The unions have struggled to get the conditions we have today, and thankfully respects employers in Denmark it - they can namely also see that it benefits them.

While Flavia and her American colleagues have been on strike and change jobs on average every four months, is a Danish McDonald's otherwise calm. In Denmark deals with McDonald's for those who generate their profits, with respect. Ilham is 121 kr. Per hour, salary and overtime, guaranteed number of hours and at least two weekly holidays.Terms, Flavia can only dream of.

Only a third of the salary

Perhaps the Danes take their good working conditions for granted, but they have not come by itself. The union is the key - without unionize had your workplace probably been like Flavias. For Ilham, it is difficult to understand how the same company that treats her well, can offer her US counterpart as poor working conditions.

McDonald's serves annually 85.4 million. kr. in Denmark and plan to open at least six new restaurants. It may therefore be possible to run a business with profits, pay decent wages and respect the employees and their unions at the same time. A Big Mac costs an average of the same - 33 kr. In Denmark and 29 kr. In the United States. Still get Flavia in the US a third of what Ilham get in wages in Denmark.

Profit for the rich shareholders

McDonald's-workers like us can figure out that executives and wealthy shareholders pocketing billions of dollars that should have gone to those who every day hoses burgers over the counter and come home to an empty fridge. No wonder that McDonald's served over 33 billion. kr. last year.

When the American newspaper New York Times asked McDonald's why company employees were so poor pay compared to the Danes, he replied that "there are very different cost structures, economic environments and competition frameworks in different countries."

It can directly be translated into that McDonald's uses its employees in the United States and many other countries, because they can get away with it. Denmark is proof that economic profits are not opposed to paying its employees a decent wage - it's actually the premise.

Profit Rewarding fast food chains can afford to give their employees a decent wage. Rich McDonald's managers should no longer be allowed to serve poverty along with Big Macs and Happy Meals.


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