Thank you George Bush!

I have had some difficulty with my work place and neighbors and now thanks to the Bush administration I know exactly how to deal with my issues. For instance.

While at work one day I noticed one of my co-workers admiring my car during the course of the day he has asked me how much I paid for it and how long have I had it. Well I now know for a fact that he may want to steal it and in order to preemptively stop this crime I will now hire a private investigator to follow my colleague and wire tap his home and when he does plan to do this crime, because I know in my mind for sure he will soon try. I will then deal with this manner as I deem fit.

I know this is the right thing to do because the 2 term leader of the free world George Bush and his administration has and did spy on American citizens without a warrant. He did it because he believed in his mind and heart he was right and no law of the land can certainly be in the way of such justice.

While at the pharmacy one day, I noticed a man arguing with the clerk behind the counter. The discussion became very heated and after it was over, everyone in line was very uncomfortable over the incident. I have seen this same man several times at this pharmacy and the next time I see him I plan to kidnap him, and detain him in my basement. Of course I will be calling the local police to inform them I am taking care of this situation and will be holding him indefinitely. I know this person is harmful to society and I surely know the law will be in my favor since George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and that administration has set the good and very right precedent of detaining enemy combatants without charge, and without access to counsel because they believed they were harmful to society.

My neighbor who I have been a friend to up till now, continues to ask how me and my wife are. One day he even went so far as to tell me that she looked very fit in her new coat. I now understand that my neighbor is after my wife. I am planning to go to his home, tie him down, and “water board” him. I know he won’t give me the information I need by just asking him. Now thanks to the policies of the Bush administration, I now know how to extract information I need.

I am very thankful that the Bush administration has given me these new freedoms. I know people have died for Geneva convention rules but, they seem obsolete at this time. I am sure all of these actions that I do will certainly not be prosecuted since there has not been any prosecution on the Bush administration for setting a precedent and doing exactly the same things I plan to commit.

Thank you George Bush for showing me how to be a good citizen.

Arlan Boll